Week 1, day 2

Well, I really did not think yesterdays run was that difficult (despite all the people zapping past effortlessly).  However, my legs felt like blocks of lead tonight, so I very cheekily suggested to my running partner Lou that perhaps we should turn around at just under 2.5km. It was nice to get out though, I had been watching the clock since 3:55pm waiting for the clock to tick over at 5, which would signal my cue to grab my running gear and race out of the office to make it to the running venue.  That’s one beauty about winter, you have a bit of an excuse to leave the office on time because if you dont you will be running in darkness, which actually I don’t mind so much but its probably not the safest option at night, in a national park. (Who ever thought I would actually one day sound like my mother?!!)

In any case I dont need much of an excuse to get away on time at the moment, as I started a new job about 3 weeks ago (see? I told you there were a lot of major life changes recently!!!).  I think I have forgotten what its like to start a new job.  This isnt something completely new, it is aligned to the type of work I was doing previously, so in that sense I guess I didn’t completely waste all of those years of study and training, although thats not to say I didn’t abandon the potential career I had at the firm, it was still a very big, scary step.  I also find it somewhat disconcerting that I have been in this job for 3 weeks but Im still not entirely sure how Im supposed to be occupying my time.  I have found work to do of course, and people seem genuinely happy that I’m there, even if they dont quite understand what it is that I do.  But perhaps I’m putting a little too much pressure on the situation, I do that.

I really do like the people I work with, and they are adamant that they dont want me to “burn out” so they have very kindly not thrown me in the deep end, which at first I thought was fantastic! However, Im not used to having so much free time.  I’m certainly not used to getting to 5 oclock and knowing that I can a) go home immediately if I so wish, and b) not think about work, or check my email, or worry about deadlines for another 4 hours after I go home, or even not have to wake up in a cold sweat at 2am wondering if I had missed a deadline without realising it.

Wow, this is a whole new world, I tell you! Wonderful, bright, shiny, happy new world! Except that, being the glass half empty gal that I am, I am now worried that I dont have enough activities to fill my time.  (Hence, I started a blog!).

But seriously, I’m a single 32 year old, yes I have joined a gym (and I AM going tomorrow people), and I am running after work, and all that is great and Im sure I’ll start to feel fabulously fit and strong soon.  The only thing is, these aren’t exactly interactive activities.

I mean, I have no idea how to go about meeting new people.

Yet, these lovely new healthy activities arent very conducive to going to a funky bar on a Friday night either- hard core fit people dont go to the bar and have a drink! Do they? Surely they are all in bed by 8pm so they can go for a 20km run and a 4 hour session in the gym on a Saturday?

Plus, Im also wary of being one of those “older women” who I used to see at the pubs when I was in my 20’s, who were always far too tipsy and showing just a little bit too much cleavage.  Yes ok, so I’m being judgemental but you know, I’m allowed, I too have been judged, many times.   My point is, I refuse to turn into a desperate 30-something trawling the pubs on a Saturday night looking for a potential mate.  Even I know that the odds are stacked against me in that department.  For starters, Im very much about comfort these days.  No way are you going to find me in strappy 5 inch stillettos, “what? You expect me to walk and dance in those? I dont think so, my bunions just wont stand for it” (literally)! Also, there is no way you will get me into a boob tube and then call it a dress. No way. Uh-uh.  I don’t care how pretty my underwear is, that is not a compelling argument to convince me that the entire city needs to see it! Besides, its the middle of freakin’ winter!! Rather, I think I’ll go with my jeans, boots, skivvy and jacket, maybe even a scarf in case its 2am before we start trying to hail a taxi.

I’m not a stick in the mud, I can be fun, really!  I like to think of my self as sensible.  Walking around the streets in the middle of winter wearing nothing more than a pair of strappy stillettos and a camisole (posing as a dress) is just not my idea of attractive or fun!

That leaves two very undesirable options.  Set-ups and internet dating.

And I have tried both, many times.  And failed, EVERY time.

Hmmm, this is going to require some more thought.  Otherwise, I may need to get another dog, one per year, and resign myself to the fact that perhaps my true calling was to be the crazy spinster dog-lady of my street.

You dont see dog ladies around much these days, it seems even the eccentrics are too cool for dogs.


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