Pain, Paws and Balls

Well, awesome couple of days at work…LOVING this new job! We had a corporate strategy & planning day yesterday and I have to say, whilst it was good to get involved with the 5 year plan, and find out what’s happening and where we’re heading, it was also a great opportunity for me to finally meet some people, yay! I also got to catch up with my boss, though I have been working here for 3 and a half weeks now, it has been a challenge to pin him down, and find out…well…exactly what he wants me to do! He took the team out for dinner last night which was lovely and I’m very excited to be working with this group, a bunch of smart cookies! I also got invited to join the mixed netball team- hmmm, I’m really not so great at ball sports, I tend to injure other people, or end up bloodied and battered myself.  However, I’m willing to risk it in the name of team building!  Besides, surely after a couple of games I will know everyone and then I can just explain that netball doesn’t fit in with my training regime, but I’d be happy to meet them at the pub afterwards, say 7pm?

Clearly no workout yesterday given the dinner thing was a last minute plan, but I did make it to the gym tonight.  Upper body workout.  It was only meant to be a light one, because I start with the personal trainer next week and Im sure he’s going to hurt me plenty.  Plus, first workout in a loooong time so I figure best to er on the side of “easy” to avoid being incapable of moving anything from the waist up for the net 2 days.  I forgot to bring in my old training diary in order to work off an old workout plan, but I remember most of it, it was drilled into my brain for a good few years, so I thought I would just go in and do it from memory.  I did my chest press, and flyes and shoulder press and dumbell row and lat pulldowns and…thingies.  And then I was thinking, I cant remember what else to do!! I had been in the gym for 40 minutes so I figured, maybe that was just the end of the workout.  So I left, feeling a little under done but putting it down to the lighter weights.

Then I got home and it hit me.  I forgot BICEPS.  Seriously? Who forgets biceps in an upper body workout????? Its only the biggest muscle in your arm for crying out loud!!  So, pumped about the fact that I actually made it to the gym and lifted a weight tonight, I raced in, fed the dogs and thought I would do a couple of sets of pushups to try and make up for the lack of bicep action in the gym.  About halfway through my second set, at which point my arms are shaking and Im sort of stuck in a tembly hover, not able to lift myself up any further but refusing to let myself collapse after a puny 4 pushups (with 6 to go followed by another set!). OK so its been a long time since Ive done pushups, plus I figure Im probably a good 7kg heavier than I was the last time I did pushups so surely, its just because its a harder workout, right? You know, with the extra body weight and everything….(sigh). Anyway, there I am hovering. Struggling.  And I realise with horror that I forgot to make sure the doggy door was shut.  CRAP! I hear the crash of the door and then 8 paws clambering over the boards and I brace myself, because within a split second I have two paws on my back and another dog collides with my shoulder before I even have a chance to react there are tongues in my ear and my face and paws tangled in my hair and complete chaos… (double sigh), they had seen me from the back door and had made a beeline for me as fast as they could.  It’s like they have some kind of “vulnerable/exposed human” homing device built into their crazed little brains.

Needless to say that was the end of the pushups.  Sure I could have kicked the dogs back outside but by the time I had the strength to peel myself off the floor and remove paws/tongues/teeth from my battered body and flesh, I figured that enough was enough and it was simply time for a shower.

Cereal for dinner.

Muscles already protesting and its only been an hour.  The next 2-3 weeks are going to be a haze of pain.


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