For the love of Pinot!

It’s Friday (yay!) I had only half a day today because of the RDO deal.  Went to a Sass & Bide warehouse sale at lunchtime, got a little depressed about the fact that the only pair of jeans I could fit my leg into had a waistline the size of the Equator. So, in conclusion: they didn’t fit.  I have big legs, when Im fit and in shape they are “muscly” or “strong” but right now, their just a tad to far into the wobbly category to really be termed muscly.  But I have large, unfeminine legs, that is my lot in life, and as far as lots go, its probably not the worst thing, at least I can run up hills. Unfortunately, it makes the purchase of denim and absolute nightmare because I have a normal waistline (well.haha. I used to!).  So alas, I was unable to purchase a pair of Sass & Bide jeans at the bargain price of $30.  Oh well, the $30 went along way to satisfying my Pinot Noir craving so I’m happy to call it even.

I headed to the bottle shop not long after the warehouse experience.  The fact that one followed the other is purely coincidental, I had my eye on this bottle of Pinot for days now so it was always going to happen.  Some might say its a bit sad to be sitting at home with the washing machine on, blogging whilst sipping a glass of wine on a Friday night.  I call it sensible. Particularly when its been pouring with rain all afternoon. Besides, I don’t understand going out on a Friday night. If there’s any day that you are going to feel completely exhausted, and completely NOT feeling like going out, its going to be at the end of the work week after you ran through a hilly park at ridiculous hour of the morning! Saturday is surely the better choice for a night out? Plus, you don’t have to survive the night trying to feel attractive in the clothes you have been wearing at work ALL DAY, Pee-eew! I also thought it best to stay indoors tonight because I’m pretty sure I broke my hamstring today.  Plus, my upper body muscles are so sore to touch that the jostling in a crowded bar might actually be enough to cause me to pass out.

So yes, we did run this morning, Bec and I, no Lou as she had been busy until the early hours trying to chase away feuding drunk people from her front yard…or at least trying her best to be inconspicuous but alert to danger in case they decided to raid her house for no apparent reason in the midst of their fury, which also, I’m sure, was for no apparent reason.  So I can understand her reluctance to drag herself out of bed at 5:45am.

The run went well, except that I forgot to wear my fancy watch.  It is a heart rate monitor and GPS so it will map out the route, tell you how fast you went, how many calories you burned and you can also set a virtual running partner so that you can track your speed while you are actually running.  So cool. Definitely one of the highlights of my old job (it was a leaving gift).  There were some other highlights too, I met some wonderful people and I met some tossers (which, by definition would actually be a “lowlight”). And then I met some other people who are mostly nice but slip into the tosser category from time to time.  One of those nice tossers has been causing me much angst today for something that was said weeks ago, and I am affronted, appalled and angry. Call it a delayed reaction, possibly because despite my demeanour I do, most of the time try to assume the best of people first.  Which means that someone can really offend me and I don’t really feel offended until 3 weeks later, because at the point of offence, I was too busy telling myself that whatever they said probably just came out wrong. Again, oh well. I have my pinot and some dark chocolate so by the end of that I’ll have probably forgotten what I was offended about, or even that I was offended at all.  Here’s hoping.

The other thing I must try my best to forget this evening, is the fact that I bought the man whose existence may be the cause of life being the occasional misery that it is (I say “occasional” because I have too many lovely gorgeous friends who do their best to make my life non-miserable that I couldn’t possibly offend them by implying I’m always miserable despite their efforts.  And I’m not, so it was in fact, an accurate description), a birthday gift and left it on his doorstep. Its his birthday on Monday. I didnt plan it exactly.  Well, I did buy a card earlier in the week, but the card was going to go in the letterbox with no gift attached.  Only, he really likes Pinot too. And this Pinot is MUCH better than the one he drinks and for about the same cost…so I thought maybe he might like to know about it.  I did consider drinking the  bottle, steaming the label off and then putting the label in with the card, but then I thought he might think that was rude.  The intention wouldnt have been rude, I was merely trying to think of a way to be helpful and informative without being stalker-like. But I can see how that might be taken the wrong way. Now however, hours after leaving said gift on said doorstep, I am severely regretting my moment of generosity, feeling a little embarrassed…and also a little sad that in a moment of clear insanity, I parted with a really good bottle of wine.  It’s like lost time, I’m never getting that wine back. So for the third time tonight, oh well.  I’m sure he will enjoy it.  If he’s feeling generous he might even share it with his not-so-new lady friend who I’m positive is a lovely person but for obvious reasons, I just cannot bring myself to think of 100% favourably.  Mind you, if I ever came face to face with her, I’d like to think I would slap on my brightest smile and swallow the bitter little pill with barely a grimace,  all in the name of friendship and not being tainted “The [crazy/bitchy/bitter] Ex”.  Why do I even care? Who knows, probably because I feel those labels are absolutely not true.  Ok, maybe I’m a little bitter,  but I’m almost positive I’m not crazy!

Run again tomorrow, maybe even a jaunt at the gym sometime mid-morning.  Only problem is, the gym would have to be a lower body workout and if I have to run in the arvo…hmmm I suppose I’m just going to have to think about the logistics some more. Over a second glass of wine…


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