On egg shells all the time but do you think I can peel them?!

What a week!!! ooooh so much juicy stuff has happened but alas I cannot write about any of it.  Although my blog is anonymous I feel bad posting stuff about other people so I shall refrain.  Let me just say though that there has been much apathy (towards everything, on Sunday), followed by bitter disappointment (on behalf of someone else and in others), a whole barrel of fun (with a bit of physical pain), excitement (at the discovery of some like-minded people), vague amusement (in certain events), delicious revenge (even though Im not a revenge kinda gal, but you know maybe its best to call it “delicious karma” because you get what you give in the end really), much laughter and pleasant surprise, followed in the end by some pointless hope, but you know, I know its pointless hope but I hope anyway.  Waddya gonna do??? I’m “hoping” that the fact that I know its pointless will counteract or lessen the disappointment that is sure to follow.

What I am most pleased about and which I can mention, is that I have a friend back.  I don’t know for how long, so I’m making the most of it, but in the space of 3 conversations last night I felt like my world had suddenly righted itself again and I don’t know why or how, but it just did.  I realise it may not last very long but for now, Im ok with that.

This was followed by the world of a friend of mine being so very “un”righted by her employer, but if I have a way of assisting I will do so, and Im hoping I have a deliciously wonderful way of assisting. Watch this space!

Anyway enough of that. So I was away Monday and Tuesday as I am every week and I bravely fronted up at the netball court, to discover that I actually did know someone there already (yay! mini hi-five in my head!)  But I tell you, its amazing the people I work with now.  When they smile at you, they really smile at you.  It isnt a “Im smiling but I really have no interest in wasting my precious and oh-so-important time talking to you”, smile.  They take a genuine interest in what you do and where you’ve come from, and again, they SMILE.  A LOT!!! Wow. And it actually goes all the way up to their eyes.  Amazing!

So I was given the position of GD because I stupidly revealed that this was a position I had played when I played netball in year 9 (18 years ago- OMG was it really 18 years ago????!!!!!) Don’t think about it, moving on.  Anyway so there was much running around like a lunatic because mixed netball is a lot faster than what it was in my all girls, c-grade team in year 9.  It was moving so quick I gave up on trying to see where the ball was and just decided to try and stick to my opponent (unsuccessfully, but I think I at least managed to not look like a complete plonker).  the best thing was that it was like interval training, it was full on sprint followed by abrupt stop and so on.  The bad thing was that I ended up with a very fat finger and really sore upper quads/hip flexors??? but the finger appears to finally be returning to its normal size and regaining its normal range of movement which means I should be fine lifting my wine glass without too much lack of coordination tomorrow night (well, no more than usual anyway), or importantly, without looking like Im flipping everyone the bird because I cant bend my finger…

So, Monday night netball a success? check.  PLUS I learned that there are a lot of keen divers that I work with too, which is great because I have lost all of my scuba diving buddies and I miss it ever so much.  They all seemed very pleased about the fact that I too, am a very keen diver so I’m hoping this will actually lead to an invite to explore the Big Blue when the weather is warmer, and my backside is smaller.

No dinner Monday night as the dinner sitting closes at 8pm, and netball started at 7pm.  I did however have 3 salt & vinegar chips at the social gathering after the game.  Lets just say, the fun and comradarie was totally worth the hunger pangs that woke me up at 2am!

No exercise Tuesday as I was on a plane straight from the office and didnt walk in my front door until 9pm.  So, no dinner Tuesday either. I tell you, these 4:30am starts on Mondays and Tuesdays really does hurt a little bit.  I woke sandy eyed and foggy headed on Wednesday, threw some gym gear into my bag and headed to work.  Arrived at the gym for my assessment and workout, only to discover that I had forgotten to pack pants. Not to worry, the trainer was able to take all of those lovely body fat measurements in my normal clothes (eeek!).  I would have to skip the workout (as I had no pants), which probably meant that I didn’t really deserve the pasta and risotto balls that were offered for dinner at my besties place an hour and a half later.  But, I ate it anyway and enjoyed every last morsel!

There was a little too much chocolate consumed on Wednesday as I was feeling a little bit concerned that I will never be able to afford to buy a house in my lifetime.  At the time I felt the chocolate was probably justified as I surely had calorie credit for having eaten nothing but salad and chicken for two days AND no dinner! Regardless, this has caused me much consternation today, when the cold reality hit that I have to do a food diary for my trainer.  Oh boy.  Chocolate, wine, pasta (for dinner last night).  He’s going to think Im a total lost cause.  Oh well, he looks like the type of guy who enjoys a challenge…

Run today, 6.5km with hills.  Not sure how long it took, forgot the watch, but we did run the whole hill.  Mind you there was walking prior to the hill due to the fact that I had so much to talk about that I couldn’t run and speak it all at the same time.  However, the pre–hill walk really did mean that we had lots of good energy to get up the hill at a really good pace so I think we did well.  I cant wait for the gym stuff to begin in earnest as my legs felt like lead tonight and I know they have the capability of feeling strong!

1x90g tin of tuna, 1xhard boiled egg, 1xsmall bowl of home made veggie soup for dinner.  You know what I find most frustrating? Peeling hard boiled eggs.  I simply cannot do it.  You go to restaurants or whatever and they have these glossy peeled hard boiled eggs that look lovely and perfect, but when I try to peel them, half of the egg white sticks to the shell and really all I end up with in my hand is the yolk with a very thin layer of egg white around it.  I just dont understand what Im doing wrong.  I really dont think it is rocket science but yet, I still cannot master this simple task.  It is a mystery.

Also, I bought a cocktail dress and 2 pairs of shoes today.  My resolution to not buy anything until I have lost enough weight to buy a new wardrobe is clearly not working.  I must try harder.  However, the shoes were very cute, and about 80% off, simply could NOT let that little gem of a bargain pass me by.

At least Im not buying clothes (well except for the cocktail dress, but it was $27 down from $99 and it was really cute!).  Oh boy, I’m beginning to think that house prices are not my only barrier into the market….!


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