After a while, it seems that running becomes a little bit like a board game. There are hazards to avoid and hurdles to overcome that aren’t solely related to the quantity of wine and chocolate consumed the day prior to a training session, nor how tight you managed to tie your shoe laces (causing your feet to go numb after 3km) whilst rushing out the door to meet your running buddy at 6am on a Sunday.

These hurdles may or may not have an effect your overall chances of getting to the start line, some merely provide entertainment/a source of frustration to make every training session unique in its own way.

So, from my experiences so far, I’m beginning to think there really could be a marathon training board game, and if you make it to the last space you have simply made it to the start line on race day (not necessarily, to the end of the race!). Of course the race itself is probably a whole other boardgame…. Some ideas I have come up with so far that could be included in such a board game are:

  • Severe dehydration- immediately move back to nearest water supply.
  • You just tripped on a kid running backwards in random directions and sprained your ankle, move back 3km/spaces.
  • Your sports bra has chaffed three layers if skin off your rib cage from failing to remember your Bodyglide, return to start and retrieve fixomull and Bodyglide from car.
  • You have just tripped over and knocked yourself out from trying to boogie to Jamiroquai at the 18km mark whilst running. Skip your next turn.   NB: this story is almost true – minus the KO bit, but there was Jamiroquai, there was boogie-ing (whilst imagining I was on roller skates in a 1970’s disco), and there was tripping. Hey, you try being that coordinated after 18km! Besides, I should probably point out to you that running shoes are not roller skates, you just don’t get the same effect.
  • Go to directly to jail, you have been arrested for attacking the 150th walker you [attempted] to pass, for not keeping left.
  • You have been forced to pick up the pace significantly due to being chased by/chasing a large dog. Move forward 4 spaces.

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