Find your motivation…

Rediscovering my love for steamed veggies, cottage cheese and tuna. Not necessarily altogether at the same time, but I have been known to do that too (and I did it at lunch today- well, actually I kept the tuna separate and scoffed that in the kitchen as I didn’t want to stink out the whole office), and despite it sounding rather unappetising, it is rather tasty.

I just wish cottage cheese didn’t look so bad, and that tuna didn’t smell so bad.

However, though it tastes rather good, and it makes me feel healthy for eating it, it does not seem to prevent the inevitable chocolate craving that comes to the fore about 30 minutes after lunch. So I revert back to my old friend, dark chocolate, in an effort to minimise the guilt that goes hand in hand with eating the very-bad-for-your-diet milk chocolate.

My particular weakness at the moment is Freddo’s (6 months ago it was Kit Kat). I don’t know why, but that chocolate just tastes so much better than regular chocolate. Probably, being a kids chocolate, it is packed full of more sugar than one would care to think about. No, no more Freddo’s for me. As a compromise I have started eating Lindt dark almond. YUM! But a bit more of a hit to the wallet, which might actually work in my favour- maybe I’ll make it last a bit longer!

Thank goodness strawberries seem to be coming back onto the shelves, that might also help stem the sugar craving! (but then everyone knows that dark chocolate and strawberries go together rather well)…

PT session today, trainer has expressed some concern over the upcoming training session in light of my reaction to the last one. I figure there’s nothing to worry about unless it happens more than twice! So I’m not even going to think about it until that happens (if it happens). Mind you, I’m not looking forward to the pain either. Eek!

Something I am very excited about is: Mel is back! Mel was the motivation for attempting a marathon in the first place. The whole thing was her idea, which probably explains a lot. Though we both wound up injured before even reaching the start line, I have to say, I have rather missed our outings pounding the pavement and discussing everything that popped into our heads in minute detail (to keep our minds off the pain). I’m pretty sure she knows more about me and the inner workings of my mind than she cares to think about, but I do appreciate the slightly deeper bond that seems to develop when you are running with someone hour after hour, trying not to cry or crumble into an aching/throbbing heap in the middle of nowhere.

Mel has been away on holiday and these past few weeks have seemed like months (probably not for her- it’s always the ones who are left behind that seem to feel the distance more!). We now of course have Bec and Lou to join us for which I am most grateful. But I have missed Mel. There is a very determined (slightly crazed) bent to her stubbornness to show up at every training session, rain, hail or shine. Which of course means that I too, am more likely to show, given a) I don’t want to lose face by being the one to chicken out of braving the lightning storm and gale force winds, and b) I don’t want to let down my dedicated training buddy, who always stuck with me regardless of the number of times I have slowed to a snails pace or had to walk on those 20+km runs when she was feeling great and far to bouncy and energetic for it to be considered healthy.

Everyone has their motivators.  Some people stick pictures of fat-free women on their fridge; others bribe themselves with treats (clearly doesnt work for me as I tend to eat the treats and tell myself I’ll burn it off later…of course later comes and all of a sudden Im not so keen to go out in the rain to run for an hour and a half); I have Mel.  Thank God for Mel.


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