It’s good to increase your expenditure!

…Energy expenditure, that is (though I do not need much convincing to go on a shoe-shopping rampage) but I will get to that shortly.

I feel I should apologise for the previous entry.

But on the other hand… No apologies for the previous entry, this is my blog after all and occasionally I might be inclined to just say stuff.  Good or bad.  Don’t tell me to get over it, I am dealing with it and it will take as long as it takes.  I assure you I want this excruciating and crappy phase of my life to be over far more than you do!

I was, understandably, feeling a little tired at the gym this week- the motivation levels were very low and Rob did his best to get me working hard.  I’m pleased to say that I completed 2.5 sets of full push ups before having to resort to the knees to finish the third set.  My weights went up and I managed to get my heart rate 10bpm higher on the intervals than last week.  So really, can’t be too upset about the fact that I’m improving.  And given my face probably looked like a thundercloud when I walked into the gym, Rob’s face was genuinely pleasantly surprised by the improvement, he almost looked cute (as in childlike cute- which is awfully funny given the piercings and tattoos!), that I couldn’t help but smile. 

I have also joined a couple of ladies at work doing Jacobs ladder at lunchtime.  Jacobs ladder is the seemingly never ending staircase that leads up to Kings Park, I don’t know how many steps there are, it’s a LOT but I take two at a time and console myself that I’m only doing half the number of steps so it its less effort (despite my quads almost audibly screaming by the third level).  Yesterday I only did it twice in light of having been to the gym the night before and then for a run that morning.  Today I did it three times and felt like I could have gone one more if it hadn’t been for the fact that we had to get back.  However, if we’d done 4, I might well have simply laid myself down on the ground and rolled myself down Mount Street afterwards.  It’s very hard to walk down an almost vertical hill when your legs are fatigued and shaking. 

Doing regular exercise really does increase your overall base calorie expenditure.  In addition to the increased muscle mass (which in turn leads to more energy consumption) -there is all the extra washing and drying and hanging out of clothes and folding, it’s CONSTANT WORK!!! When I actually stick to the programme I never actually get to sit on the couch when I get home during the week, I’m always organising lunches and tending to washing and packing my bag and organising outfits for work in advance, before I finally get to collapse into bed.

Think I also burn a fair few calories just lugging all of my gear to and from work.  Two workouts per day (one almost always being before work) means I need to bring 2x towels, 2xoutfits, 1x work outfit plus shower stuff and makeup and hair dryer (because my current haircut doesn’t really accommodate for natural drying).

I seriously look like a pack horse and then trying to squeeze my enormous and bulging bag into the lift is an almost impossible task. People already in the lift actually start to look worried as if to say “you’re not going to try and squeeze that in here are you?”.

Get over it people.  It’s a bag.  And being new the seals are good and I can almost guarantee you won’t be catching a wiff of the smelly gym gear for at least another 6 months (by which time the stench is probably starting to infuse into the canvas).

What is the shelf life of a gym bag anyway? The last one I had for far too many years, and I shudder to think how much bacteria was contained in that gym bag, it’s quite frightening when you think about it, really.


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