Dancing in Agony

Oh my, how drab this blog has become.  I am so very sorry.  My only comfort is that noone is really reading it, so I could probably delete it all before anyone else accidently stumbles across it (also unlikely as I even tried “Googling” said blog and have not yet managed to locate it – much to my present relief).  The problem is I have run out of things to write about! I estimate I only have a limited amount of wit, humour and excitement every 6 months and I may have used it all up in the first 3 blogs! My mistake. I mean, how much can one find to write about when one’s life consists primarily of working, exercising, sleeping the occasional coffee with friends, and the remainder of the time walking and bathing the dogs, doing washing (all of the sport you see) and maybe (if Im lucky) collapsing on the couch once a week with a glass of wine.

I mean, where do people find the time to have  even a mediocre social life, let alone find an actual date?!

Having said that, I am at this very moment, supposed to be packing for a long weekend to the eastern states to visit friends.  Only I cannot move because I went to the gym tonight and it was a new workout, and every last square mm of my butt (aka “Glute/s”) is screaming.  Oh, how he hurt me tonight, lunges, lunges, lunges. Stationary lunges, walking lunges, then chin ups! I mean talk about taking it up a notch- try 100 notches!! I was shattered and couldnt even finish the set of abs at the end, with sweat literally dripping off my chin and an absolute feeling of defeat I simply crumpled to the floor with my forehead on the mat and said “Im done”.

I have never seen Rob look more pleased with himself.

He followed that Cheshire cat look with an exclamation of, “You did really well!!”.  To which I gave him a withering look and mopped my chin with my towel.  “single leg work is hard” he said, “you should be pleased that it took me so long to break you down!”.


I’ll try and remember that little ray of sunshine when Im hobbling whilst trying to look elegant and fashionable (and coordinated) in the funky bars and on the dance floor with my girlfriends over the weekend…!


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