The Call of… Facebook?

So, a rather interesting weekend.

The biggest news being that I have finally delved into the realm of “grown up” and bought a house! Well, villa, actually.  Just a little 2 brm deal but unlike all of the other properties I have been looking at in my price range, it wasn’t so run down so as to  require me to hire a building contractor for the first 6 months of ownership to rebuild the property.  It has a nice yard big enough for the dogs, a park/reserve not too far away and I’m only an additional  7 minutes from the beach, and 10min from the city.  I loved it the moment I walked through the front door (although didn’t love the bathroom which essentially consisted of a vanity and a shower recess in the laundry, but I can live with that).  The upside is that it’s way better than the shanty I am living in now, the reality being that no house is going to be perfect in the price range I was looking at but this has ticked more boxes than any other property I have seen- and I will still be able to afford to travel! 

My own little pocket of the world.

Consequently, as I was running around looking at houses all weekend, I did not do even a moment of exercise the entire weekend!

If I’m not careful I won’t be able to fit in my new house, because I will be the size of it!

So, this week I have planned at least 3 gym sessions, 2 runs, 1 mtb ride and perhaps even a Bikram yoga session on Saturday morning, I’m keen to try it.  But the Bikram may morph into a cycle as I have been promising my old boss I would ride with him but we are having difficulty committing!  Or at least, I am. 

The other news is that I went out on Friday night with a few work colleagues and had a great time…and perhaps I might even have spent most of the evening conversing with a – wait for it- man! Who was by far not at all physically challenged.  Unfortunately, I was sitting down when we met, so when I stood up I was surprised to notice he was quite a few cm below my height (ok so maybe a little physically challenged) but I was wearing heels.  Secondly, strangely, at the end of the evening when I announced that pumpkin hour and well and truly passed and I needed to go home, instead of asking for my number- he asked if I’m on Facebook?!!

Ok buddy, here is a not entirely ugly woman who is standing here willing to give you her number and in response to her offering her number you say “Oh so that how you want to do this, aren’t you on facebook?”

What gives?

Did he, in a moment of clarity decide he couldn’t date a woman who was taller than he (in heels)? Was he intimidated by the fact that I was well educated? Does this mean he no longer has an interest in joining me for a mountain bike ride?  But surely if he was put-off, he would have simply taken my number and never called me?

Who knows, I am confused, I am clearly out of touch. All I know is that I was required to text my full name to his mobile so he could look me up.  And now he has my number, but I all I have from him is a Facebook invite sitting in my inbox.

 Curse you, FB.


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