Chicken Counting Not Recommended

The house issue is still a little up in the air.  The strata company has yet to provide me with a copy of their by-laws so that I can make a determination as to whether my dogs will be allowed on the property.  Clearly if they are not, I will not be buying said house.  Although the strata manager did make some vague statement about a large dog not being suitable for the size of the property.  Hmmm. A 90sqm backyard is not insignificant.  Labradors are capable of living in apartments!! What exactly does he mean by “large”? 

So the saga continues, and I am disappointed to discover that this purchase was not as easy and straight forward as intially thought.  So much for “meant to be”.

And in other news, Mr X is buying a house with his new love of 6 months.  I cannot possibly bring myself to write about that right now.

Despite the devastating news, I managed to dry my eyes long enough to drag myself (internally kicking and screaming) to a coffee date on Sunday.  He was nice enough but overall it was very difficult to maintain a conversation, we had very little in common.  There were lots of “ummms” filling voids in conversation.  Not to mention He drenched himself in aftershave, which the flies seemed to find particularly attractive.  This provided some comical relief (on my part) with him having to swat the air around him for a good hour and a half.  Nevertheless, by 30mins in I was feeling nauseous from the cloying scent, even though we were in an open-air cafe.  Nice enough, but I will not be seeing him again.

My gorgeous friend Bec said the other day “this is the year of [Serene32]”  I fear though, that I do not recognise the basis for this statement.  Apart from the fact that I have, by sheer luck, managed to get a great job, I have to say, the other areas of my life are closer to being in the toilet and are certainly not providing any source of joy.

So I guess with my recent foray into positive psychology in mind, I must focus on what is good.  Which means there is going to be a lot of work, and a lot of dog walking for the forseeable future.


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