The Comfort of Company

So, we are liking The Brazilian

We had a second date the following Thursday which comprised dinner at one of my favourite Japanese restaurants.  Although I was disappointed to discover that the standard of the restaurant had dropped a little, the company was more than fine.  We talked about family, and work and health and travel.  We talked a lot about his year of study, a topic which I was most interested in.  Who takes a year out of a successful career to study academic english with the intent of later doing a PhD whilst working? My mind was suitably boggled.  Doing a PhD full time is a challenge.  Doing one whilst working full time is likely to result in a very short trip to the loony bin!

Or maybe I misunderstood the working bit? Maybe I also misunderstood him when he said he had worked before? Maybe its not such a financial sacrifice because he always been a full-time student?  Was it all lost in translation?

Answer: No.  And I might add he is clearly a motivated/driven individual.

Who has a sweet tooth (I noted he did not like the Green Tea.  I also noted he doesnt drink Sake unless it is mixed with something sweet).  That could be a problem, generally I dont need encouragement to indulge in sweet treats, dating this man could keep me on a treadmill 24/7!

Overall date #2 went very well. 


Despite the fact that I obviously like him and I find him attractive, and I think he is smart.  I am struggling to think of him as any more than just a friend.

I think this is where the language barrier comes in.  We often misunderstand what the other is saying (although let it be said, I understand the word beautiful quite well now!).  So whilst I think that I shouldnt underestimate the attraction given the fact that we can have a 3 hour date talking non-stop even if he only understands about 40% of what I say, Im just not, well, feeling it.

On the other hand, I dont loathe his presence.  And I dont even begrudge having to spend time with him.  In fact, I rather look forward to spending time with him. 

Im also struggling to determine what he thinks about me.  Queue the awkward one-sided peck on the cheek at the conclusion of Date #2. 

Also known mistakenly as The first kiss

Image via Wikipedia

Those who know me know that I will kiss just about anyone (on the cheek!) as a greeting or farewell.  And given he is Brazilian, I would have thought he would have appreciated this and engaged himself in the whole cheek-kissing activity with gusto! But there was nothing.  Not that I wanted him to grab me and pash me right there in the street (re: above comments), but I was left thinking I would not hear from him again at all.  And that left me feeling disappointed.  And confused by my disappointment (re: above comments).

But to my surprise I received a message an hour or so later telling me he had a lovely time and the now standard “you are beautiful” -which I am becoming quite accustomed to, such that now I feel miffed if he does not include it, even though I have no right to expect it (re: above comments).

(Disclaimer: I’d just like to clarify that at no point during the date, or after the date, did any cheek-kissing occur in even a remotely similar state of dress as the cherubs in the above picture.  I should also add that Im not normally a fan of cherubs.  But the choice of pics I could locate in a short period of time was limited.  I was really after a black and white picture with small children – like the Valentines day cards you often see and the little boy is holding a red rose and kissing the little girl…?)

However, Im also relieved he has not tried to move things forward just yet.  Im happy for things to just stay as they are.  Two people talking.

And it is nice to have someone to send you a goodnight message on a regular basis, just to let you know that they are there.


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