What IS a Shy Gal to do?

Bicycle racing in 1909.

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I’m in pain.  A lot of pain.  Physical pain.  After two weeks of bugs and illness I have decided to get motivated again for training and exercise (well you know, I figure I’ve lost these few kilos I may as well try to keep them off over summer!).

Thus, I have launched into a new training regime with gusto, perhaps too much gusto. I awoke this morning to legs and arms protesting quite drastically.  Nevertheless I dragged myself out of bed as I was on a mission.  A mission to locate the man with the luscious curly hair who smiled at me in the cafe yesterday as Mel and I were enjoying our post-workout coffee.  I had noticed him as he was stabilising his road bike against the wall outside the cafe after his morning ride.  He was chatting to his cycling buddy and, rather conveniently for me, was standing right in my line of sight, for which I was most appreciative.  Thank goodness for my reflective sunglasses that’s all I can say, as it prevented Mel from being offended that I was looking over her shoulder rather than at her while she was talking to me, and of course, it enabled me to observe freely without being noticed.

I promised myself that if I had the opportunity when he came in, that I would be brave and talk to him.

Well I did have the opportunity.  He came in and they decided to sit at the table right next to us and as he sat down he looked at me smiled and said a quick “hey”.

Well, so much for my bravery, all I could do was a sort-of-smile to hide the shock that he had noticed me at all (Ive yet to convince myself he *noticed* me). Opportunity lost, I could have said “hey” back, I could have given him my dazzle smile, I could have said “good morning, how are you?” in the hopes that it would launch a conversation and hopefully, lead to the exchange of numbers before departing.

Nothing.  I choked.  I was suddenly overly conscious of the fact that I had not bothered to brush or comb my hair before leaving the house at 5:45am, and that I was dressed head to toe in Lycra – not exactly flattering.


Mel in her great wisdom suggested I try to track him down.  Not knowing anything about him other than the fact that he is very handsome, tall, has gorgeous hair and enjoys cycling.  I don’t even know his name.  My only option was to proceed with scouring the photo galleries of every local cycling website, to no avail. 


Head back to the same spot under the guise of exercise and stop at cafe again in the hopes that I would bump into him.  I figured this would serve two purposes,  I would get fit whilst searching for my mystery cyclist.

Unfortunately, not surprisingly, he was not there today.

I suspect if he does appear again it will be next Thursday, as he probably has a set training programme and I suspect that Thursday is the day for hill training given the location of this particular cafe.  However, I am not going to be here next Thursday, I will be relaxing in sunny Bali

 This just will not do, it will not do at all.

So, I all I can do is continue to live my life, do the training and the occassional coffee/breakfast with Mel.  And this time if I see him, I will at least smile and say something.


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