Resolving to limit resolutions

Happy New Year everyone!

So, what resolutions have you made for 2011? Maybe you intend to buck up the courage to ask your boss for that raise/promotion, maybe you intend to search for a new job altogether, perhaps you are going to try a new hobby/past time, are you going to eat better? Exercise more? Lose 5 kg? Date more? Date less? Reclaim your freedom and end a dead-end relationship?

I have no idea what my resolutions are for 2011.  One thing I have learned from the past couple of years is that- with the exception of a few select circumstances- control is largely an illusion, and life has a funny way of taking the exact turn you were trying to avoid or did not plan for.

For the first time in a few years I actually did see in the new year, which in itself was unplanned. What I had planned was a quiet night in, a healthy dinner and an early bedtime, followed by an early run on NY’s day, a swim at the beach and breakfast at a beach cafe with one of my girlfriends.  What happened was a telephone call on Friday afternoon from an ex work colleague asking me what I was up to, followed by an invitation to catch up for a drink at the local watering hole. 

The then planned drink did not eventuate either, as said watering hole was not accepting last-minute attendees.  So, instead we traipsed back home to open a bottle of wine and proceed to chat the night away.  The entire night.  Anyone would think I had just come out of a years vow of silence or something- I just could not shut up.  Even our attempt at watching a movie in peace failed dismally.  And the bubbly was so awful my glass remained untouched after the first sip. Thus it was that at 4:30am I glanced out the window to discover daylight and finally there was silence, as I paused my yabbering mid-sentence to watch the sunrise. 

Possibly the best new years eve I had ever had, and it didn’t involve any of my plans coming to fruition or even a kiss at midnight!  What it did involve was the unexpected company of a great friend (a friend I have in fact been neglecting in recent times), some ‘interesting’ wine, a feeling of anticipation of the year to come, and a resolution to work on being healthy and happy with myself and to resolve to be less rigid in my thinking.  To accept that I cannot control everything and perhaps that in itself, is not so terrible.


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