Pain is my friend, 'earnestly'!!

ER (TV series)

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Why do gyms insist on putting the weights area upstairs?  In fact, why do gyms insist on having any stairs in the vicinity at all? I wonder how many emergency room patients are victims of falling down stairs because their “jelly” legs refuse to function in a normal manner.  Leg up- bend knees- foot down.  Pretty simple really.

As you may have guessed, I almost became a victim myself this very evening.  Serves me right for slacking off so much these past few weeks! However, a HIIT session (as my “warm up” because I read a blog somewhere that suggested that one should be sweating at the end of a warm up prior to a weight training session i.e. 5 mins on the treadmill is not a warm up) followed by some punishment from “El”, my PT, in a metabolic weight training session probably wasn’t the smartest idea for my first day back – but I am training in earnest now, remember?

Ok, so I very nearly threw up.

El did console me when I finally put up my hand and said that I needed to sit for a moment before I fainted, by telling me that he was impressed at how I was managing given a) my lack of commitment to any sort of training the past few weeks, b) conducting a HIIT as a precursor, and c) it was a million degrees at 99% humidity inside the gym today.

Im pretty sure I sweated out my bodyweight in water during that hour.  Apart from the whole stairs thing, I really don’t understand how a gym in this day and age- and this CLIMATE- can really justify not having more fans and decent air-conditioning.  They have plenty of members, fix it already!

Alas, I really like my gym, it has a good vibe, and so I will continue to show my loyalty by not moving to another gym for better climate control comfort.

Luckily, they have armchairs downstairs near the entrance in which to recover whilst sipping an ice cold apple and mango juice (not the protein shake my trainer suggested…shhh…they are just too foul to contemplate when you are fighting to keep your lunch in your stomach where it belongs).  The added bonus of this is that, if you manage to NOT end up in the ER from falling down the stairs after tackling them with a gait more unsteady than Steady Eddy‘s, the view of the constant stream of not un-handsome, fit looking men walking into the gym is really not so terrible and almost compensates for the agony that inevitably follows 2 days later.

Tomorrow I tackle: running training with a real life team of triathletes.  Wish me luck!


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