A Secret Garden of my own…

One of my best friends is getting married today.

It’s been a long time coming, really, and thus I am very excited for them.  So excited in fact, that anyone would think this was my wedding!

I have spent a small fortune in dresses (yes you read that correctly- dresses)- well, the first dress wasnt so expensive but then I lost a few kilos, which is good, but being strapless that meant that when I tried the dress on last weekend, it wouldn’t stay up.  the fact that I work away for half the week meant that I just didn’t have time to have it taken in, so I figured I’d just go and buy another dress.  Only the store was so full of beautiful dresses that I couldn’t decide between two of them, and thus I bought them both.  I have at least decided which one I will wear today but the other is a worthy addition to my closet and really, you can never have too many black dresses…right?

So, as my excitement has been building and the panic bubbling below the surface (I nearly had multiple heart attacks transporting the macaroons to the venue this morning, I was so worried I would brake too suddenly or have an accident and they would be nothing but crumbs upon arrival), I have marvelled at her patience and calm approach to organising the day.  Bridezilla this woman definitely is not.  This is a woman who, up until the day she was proposed to, had no great desire to get married.  She was fully committed to her partner so, marriage just seemed unnecessary.  Whilst like any bride, she wants her day to be perfect, she does not sweat the small stuff because she understands that the most important thing is not whether the table cloths are frosted white or matte white, or whether the tea light candles are the 5cm or 8cm variety, but rather, that she and the groom arrive safely and exchange their vows.

I can only hope that if/when my day arrives I find myself marrying someone whom I love and respect so much that everything else feels trivial, and I’ll let my friends do the panicking for me.

In the meantime, I will continue to gaze longingly at a picture of the Collette Dinnigan dress from her Secret Garden Collection, which I spotted in the shopping mall recently and fantasize about my own wedding day…or rather, fantasize about meeting someone I love enough to marry (and vice versa!).

But first I’ll snap myself out of it and get back to the task at hand- putting on my shoes and getting to the venue nice and early to make sure the venue organisers have completed their tasks as promised before the bride and groom arrive.

Woohoo! Yay for B&P XXOO


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