Dive in?

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Ok so here’s the thing.  I want to go on holiday this year.  I have downgraded to a non-overseas jaunt (i.e. no Africa- that’s now on the books for 2012) and am contemplating Exmouth, Western Australia for an amazing diving and snorkelling experience.  Unfortunately, the timing is not great and I will probably miss the whale sharks at Ningaloo.

Only, I have also just revisited reality and concluded that replacing my kitchen is going to be about $5k more than I originally anticipated (damned appliances- why do they have to be so expensive?!)

That in itself is ok, it’s not going to delay the renovating process, but if I take the holiday, it may delay my ability to replace my car within the next 18 months.  I had planned to trade in my car around June next year.  I have been cursing it for years now- though it actually seems to run fine and it is a good car, except that my ex-fiance with whom I purchased said car- insisted at the time that we buy a manual (or ‘stick shift’ for any US readers).  I was adamant that I wanted an automatic, having the foresight to know that most of the time we would be stuck in peak hour traffic on the freeway.  But he won in the end, probably because I really didn’t care about the car that much and me being a pushover in every relationship that I have ever had, I wanted to keep him happy (enough said about that, I think I have already established my chronic  inability to be assertive at critical moments).

Of course, my spine didn’t find its way back to me in time for me to avoid being lumped with the vehicle when we broke up either, while he got extra cash from the house sale to purchase a different car, which lo and behold, turned out to be an automatic.  In his defense, it was more sensible for me to take the existing car because I had the dogs and the car had plenty of space for them.

BUT more than 3 years later I am still driving the manual and cursing it every time I get stuck on the freeway, dreaming of the day I can ditch the clutch.

So, the dilemma do I dive in for the amazing life experience this September…..

or do I wait for the whale sharks next year and alleviate my freeway frustration first?

Decisions, decisions…

This whole being a grown-up thing can be tricky sometimes.

But I mean really, a car isn’t a big deal provided it gets me where I want to go…right?


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