Atomic bombing of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945.

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I apologise to you all for taunting you with a “locked” post yesterday.

I received some news on Friday, which completely knocked the wind out of me (pretty good going as we were already performing sprints in soft sand so it’s quite remarkable that I even had any wind left to knock out). 

I cannot tell you what it was or why it affected me so profoundly, at least I’m not ready to tell.  However, with the encouragement from a friend (who at the time did not even realise what it was that she was encouraging), I decided to write.  I don’t know yet if it helped, but seeing the words staring back at me in black and white was a shock.  Perhaps a shock I needed.

In any event, by 8pm that evening I decided I was in no condition to face a Saturday lunch date with Scott, who I already suspected did not really want a date with me. So I called him to cancel. 

“Are you sure?” he said, “Are you really sure?” (what? am I missing something here? Was the man I met really Daniel Craig incognito or something?)

“Yes Scott, I’m sure

“Ok, well it could have been fun.  Perhaps you can give my number to N and we can all hang out sometime”.


AH-HA! I KNEW it!! 

To my surprise though (and irritation), he called back 5 minutes later to clarify (in case I didn’t get it the first time around), that he would like me to give his number to N, because he would like to go out with her.  What are we- 14 years old?  I told him that I would pass his number on, but he should know she’s seeing someone (the person who kept calling incessantly on Sunday) so, probably wont be returning the call.

We said our goodbyes again and hung up.

Then 10 minutes later I became enraged.  Ok, at this point I think I should just clarify that I don’t think it was all because of Scott.  The news a few hours earlier did not help and may have contributed about oh, 90% to me becoming so angry about this. But regardless of the root cause, I was so angry, I called him back

And I might have given him a bit of a serve.

I might have told him that though it wasn’t applicable in these particular circumstances (because I had no interest in him whatsoever),  had I been interested in him, then him taking me out on a date in an effort to hopefully get in with my friend would have been potentially really humiliating for me, and did he consider my feelings before he decided to go down this path? Does he do this a lot? How many other women has he asked out- who actually might have wanted to go out with him -and embarrassed on his quest to get in with the best friend? Furthermore, how could he expect it to actually work given he is relying on the scorned woman to pass on his details? But I can see that this type of behaviour might very well result in said woman passing on his details, if he were to prey on women whose self esteem was already rather low.

Well he picked the wrong woman this time!

I might have told him that I thought that asking out the friend purely because he couldn’t seem to get the attention of the girl he was really interested in was, slimy and rude.

I might have told him that asking the friend to relay his number and provide the indication that he was interested was, juvenile.

This resulted in a further 3 phonecalls throughout the evening from him, apologising profusely for being such a jerk.  In the end I accepted his apology because I was getting fed up with being harassed on my Friday night and having his pathetic apologies interrupting my awe-inspiring mope.

…not to mention the fact that I later realised I may have overreacted just a teensy bit.

I think they call that, transference.


In any case, good riddance to Scott. I wish him well in his endeavours, and I hope he keeps his promise of “growing a pair” (my words, not his) and revising his dating MO for future prospects.


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