Who’s the Loser?

My workplace is holding their own “Biggest Loser” competition.  Unlike the reality TV programme, our start and end weights are not public, in fact, none of our stats become public –unless you win, in which case only your %body fat lost will be disclosed to the rest of the office/workforce- for the majority of us, the stats are between ourselves and the health consultant.  Thank goodness for that because after standing on one of these:  

Body Fat meter

Image via Wikipedia









 …well, lets just say, it spat out some numbers I was none too pleased with!

We are now 4 weeks in and I’m feeling pretty good. My clothes feel looser and I think that this fact is also now becoming visible.

Whilst the health consultant pointedly stated at my initial weigh-in: C, you aren’t planning to lose any weight are you?

(Some people just have a natural talent for making others feel good. Thanks Stew :-))

In fact I am hoping to lose a few kgs- only a few, about 4 to be exact –but my biggest goal was to significantly reduce my body fat % by increasing muscle mass.

No, that doesn’t mean I want to bulk up like the Hulk, it means I want to tone down and actually be able to see some of the muscles I do have!

(I also like the idea that by engaging in high-intensity exercise I am improving my bone density and hopefully staving off osteoporosis in later life)

Anyhoo, before I go off on a rant about the women that are constantly approaching me in the gym or telling me in casual conversation that I shouldn’t lift anything heavier than 5kg if I want to avoid looking like a contender for Muscle Mag Weekly (shows what they know, I bet Cameron Diaz or Jennifer Aniston or any other female celebrity known for their great arms, would have something to say about that- or at least their trainers would), I am pleased to report that last week I re-acquainted myself with …my triceps!!

Oh the joy to put on a sleeveless top and catch sight of a very distinct tricep in the mirror!  I was beginning to think they were lost forever.

Sadly for me, the weather turned rather cool and sleeveless tops were no longer appropriate.

Still, there is nothing quite like the buzz of knowing you’re on your way to achieving something, even if it is hidden behind a long sleeved top.


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