It is, most definitely, A Dog’s Life!

Let it be said that I love my friend’s dog, Missy.  Missy is a…well…we aren’t exactly sure what she is.  She was supposed to be a chocolate labrador, but given that she refused to stop growing even when she reached LARGE labrador size, and given that she doesn’t have labrador ears or nose…. well, in any case she has lovingly become known to us as the Rigi-dor (upon scrutinising every other breed of dog we come across, we think she must be a mix between a labrador and a ridgeback). 

In any case Missy, though being excitable and STRONG, is so soft hearted and gentle that I dare the coldest heart not to soften a little when she bows her head and wags her tail at you.

That said

I am a little out of sorts with Missy today.  I have been looking after her while my friend went away for the weekend.  It was the logical choice really, I have the backyard to accommodate, I love her and I also have a caretaker to feed and walk her with my dogs when I am away for work on Monday and Tuesday.  However, after a long day yesterday, and getting home at 9:30pm I was not impressed with the fact that I had to suffer an entire night of being constantly harrassed. 

By way of clarification my labby, Tess and Missy adore each other.  So much so that Spike, my dear old flatcoat retriever, gets a little jealous at being shut out of the playtime activities.

Missy is gentle most of the time, but when she and my Tess get together I get this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

and so on.

CONSTANTLY.  Complete with Wookee noises.

I have to sleep with my bedroom door open in summer because the house in which I currently reside is ancient, has no insulation, has unsealed floorboards and a tin roof, so in summer it gets ridiculously hot. In order to have any chance of sleep the door must remain open to allow the miniscule flow of airconditioning from the living room to continue on into my bedroom.

But that means…I cant keep Missy out and she has taken a liking to sleeping on the rug next to my bed, which I would be fine with, if every time I rolled over in my sleep she did not take that as a sign that I was awake and thus time to play.  She would immediately jump up and trundle out to wake up Tess and the above sequence would start all over again.

After an 18.5 hour day, I was not impressed when after they finally settled at about 2:30am this morning, they thought it necessary to wake me up again at 6am.

But though I was late for work and bleary-eyed all day, I still could not walk out the door without giving them all a big hug before I left to start my day, leaving them all behind to sleep it off in the airconditioning (which I left on especially for their comfort).

Oh to be a dog in my household! 🙂

Ahhhh...tuckered out. Finally!


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