Learning to Love Lunges

Manduka Equa Towel for Bikram yoga class

Image by lululemon athletica via Flickr

I have signed up for a 14k run in 8 weeks time.

Now, I realise that this time last year I was running 20+km every Saturday.  But since crashing and burning before reaching the start line of the Marathon last June, I have let all of that hard work slip.  I did then sign up for works internal “Biggest Loser” comp, but for about 3 weeks prior to the house move I was incapacitated by so much else going on and a severe shortage of time.  Though saying that makes me a little hypocritical as, I normally always say that there is always time for training.

So, with the house move complete, and me back at work and anticipating a purchase of an amazing machine which will [hopefully] transform my eating aka cooking habits for the better (it should- its going to cost a bomb!), I find myself lacking excuses to delay delving back into training.

I managed to do a short run (3.5km) in 20 minutes last week, which I thought at first was rather slow, but then my best time for that loop is 18 mins so it wasnt so bad, considering.  I even managed to survive my first PT session in 3 weeks ok.  So, I’m thinking perhaps the rest has actually been a good thing.

Last night, The Crush, a co-worker and myself decided to do some interval-type training and he being the sadistic lover of pain, imposed on us many lunges-coupled with sprints


First of all I consider it nothing short of a miracle that I did not face-plant into the bitumen after the first set of lunges, which left my legs feeling like jelly. The second set of lunges left my legs wobbly and burning intensely.  The third set…well, you might as well have cut my legs off, I could not seem to isolate the location of the pain – it was a relief to start sprinting!

Today my challenge is to stand up from my chair at regular intervals and walk around without making “old person” noises.

But overall I was happy to survive a 6.5km session and still feel like jogging back to my room afterwards.

Though, it looks like I may have to finally commit to Bikram Yoga if I want to avoid having the flexibility of a 90 y.o. by the age of 35, as my hamstrings must be a good ft shorter today…


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