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Really, really….Ow.

New workout programme this week with my trainer, and as I might have teased him a little earlier in the day and as I was also looking seriously tired, he made me work even harder than usual.  There was little small talk as he barked orders “Jump squats!” “good, push-ups-GO!” “keep moving, DONT STOP, you’re RUNNING OUT OF TIME, I want two more sets, Dont curve your back, KNEES IN LINE WITH TOES, keep your abs TIGHT!!!!”


15 minutes of fast-paced pain but it really did go quickly.  Followed by 15 minutes of boxing, which requires more co-ordination than I could ever dare to dream of possessing, I think he’s given up with the return swings to make me squat down after the number of times he’s clouted me in the head with the pad. I’m just not that good at registering danger, I’m too concerned with what I’m doing, and really, when am I ever going to need to avoid a punch? Best I focus on strength and try not to miss the pad and fall face first into the mat.

I also had yoga yesterday morning, I can see I’m going to learn to dread Thursdays (being the aftermath of morning Mysore and evening PT).  I loved the yoga, though I did feel a little like a fish out of water.  I needed a cheat sheet to remember the sequence and even then there was a point where, I couldn’t actually clearly make out the postures in the picture (I mean how can you tell the difference between the front or the back of a stick man??) So I often ended up doing things backwards.  The instructor had infinite patience but I wonder if he thought I was not taking this so seriously… my response being of course, that if I’m at the yoga centre by 5:50am and walking out the room at 7:30am…that alone is an indication I am taking it seriously!!  Not to mention the fact that yoga for a month is more than twice my gym membership PLUS because it’s at 6am I can’t catch the bus (buses in our city don’t wake up early enough to get me to the city by 6, apparently), so I am forced to drive and park in the city for work Wed-Fri, that’s another $60 a week. 

I wont allow myself to seriously consider how many pairs of shoes that adds up to over the year. 

I console myself with the fact that a) I’m learning a life skill, b) it’s healthy, c) it will help prevent injury, d) the instructor has the most amazing eyes I believe I have ever seen on a man- but that had nothing to do with my initial enthusiasm for this, as I had never seen him before until yesterday (we had different instructors for the beginners course).  However, I’m not going to deny it’s an added bonus for having to rise at 5am after an 18 hour workday on Tuesday.

I did find myself losing track of what I was doing on a regular basis, though. I often found myself completely mesmerised by a woman up the front who was standing on her hands whilst crossing her ankles behind her head, and another who could stand straight up out of a back bend.

I can’t even get my legs into Lotus!!

Still, I willed myself to focus on the motto “accept where you are at”, but it’s hard not to be self-conscious in a class like that.  I wont deny that I was tempted to roll up into a ball and pull a blanket over me and pretend I was done.

Hmmm, that seems to be a common theme in my thoughts lately, the longing for a blanket to hide myself away and pretend the world doesn’t exist…Not sure it’s going to be such a calming experience tonight though, when every muscle is screaming at me despite my supposedly ultra-comfortable pillow-top mattress!







3 thoughts on “Ow!

  1. Wow, Serene, your life sounds wonderful. In my book, it don’t get much better than that. Your hard core yoga class sounds fabulous. I love that you are investing in every way in such powerful life-changers and life-enhancers. It will pay off. And you will transform. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration! –Julie

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