Everything and Nothing

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Hello everyone

I know I’ve been a little remiss with the blogging lately.  To be honest, I’m just tired!!

I’ve been tired for months and who knows when it will end but I’m hoping soon.  Now that we have established the cause of said fatigue: turns out glandular fever may be the culprit.  I also find it extraordinarily ironic that this little gem of a bug is dubbed “The Kissing Disease”, as I estimate that when I suspect I contracted it- I had not been kissing anyone for quite some time!! 

So I have renamed it: “Some Random Coughed On Your Lunch Disease”


Not to worry, at least I know now.  I was starting to worry that this obsession with sleep was me getting old or something! I don’t want to feel tired just because I get older.  I want to be a “spritely” 90-year old, not a grumpy 90-year old (not that 90 year olds don’t already have enough justification for being grumpy!).

There are so many directions this blog could take today.  I could recount my progress in yoga, today being the highlight when after being adjusted into a bind my instructor asked “Where does it hurt?”.

If I could breathe, I would have said “Everywhere!”, but alas, I could not speak so I merely shook my head in an attempt to explain that I couldn’t localise the pain.  She took that as an indication it didn’t hurt.

I guess she was right, it was hard (and truth be told, when my fingers gave up and slipped apart my body rebounded so forcefully out of the bind that I almost took out her left eye), but I kind of felt rather proud of myself that I managed to hold it for a few extra seconds after she let go.  It was the act of taking a breath that was my undoing.

I could also talk about how I have officially bench-pressed a record weight for all of my trainer’s female clients (and some of his male clients according to him), but I won’t tell you how much because I’m kinda thinking he was making a big deal out of nothing and that it isn’t really that much.  When I can do 70kgs I will proudly post this achievement in my blog.  Until then, I’m keeping mum (I should also point out that my programme changes every 4 weeks and bench press only gets included occasionally, much to my dismay).

I could tell you all about the fact that the cute 27-year-old from a month ago did indeed get in touch when he returned from his European holiday, and that there has been a bit of back and forth since last Friday.  But I am resisting any official “date” at this point because let’s face it, The Crush and I broke up all of 5 minutes ago, and I’m not even sure he’s interested in “that way” anyway.  He has made enquiries as to my engagements for the weekend but there has been no specific suggestion for a catch-up, and this time, I’m not doing the chasing! If he wants to see me, he will have to make plans to do so!  Furthermore, I will not agree to date him until I have a suitable blog title for him, “the cute 27-year-old” is a little lame- suggestions welcome!

I could blither on about how excited I am to finally be starting some decent renovations on my house! Floorboards booked and deposit paid, wardrobe man has provided me with a quote for a custom-made wardrobe with “an exceptionally large shoe storage area”, and though its slightly above my original budget, I am keen to go with this option because it means I get to make use of the entire wall, rather than just a portion of it, as would be my only option if I were to go with the Ikea wardrobe.  It will make the room look way better AND I dont have to remove existing skirting boards or lift a finger to install it, other than to unpack the proposed contents of the wardrobe.

Most of all, I’m looking forward to rediscovering said contents because I’m sure I have forgotten about over half the clothes I own, simply because I cannot be bothered digging through boxes to figure out what to wear.

I’m sure my friends and co-workers will appreciate some deviation from my standard 3 outfits that I have been regurgitating for the past 4 months. No I’m not kidding.  My week consists of : charcoal pant suit; grey skirt, frilly top, black leather jacket; black skirt, blue top, black leather jacket; and on casual/weekend days: Jeans with any one of 3 black tops.

The only variations to these ensembles occur via scarves, jewellery and/or shoes (and even then I’ve only scratched the surface of my shoe collection, the rest are in boxes!).

In fact, all of this excitement over 1.6m of shelving dedicated entirely to shoes is almost enough to jolt me out of this fatigue coma!

But not quite, because I know I have at least a month to wait before I can unpack those boxes…

I could rave on about how adorable my dogs are despite their modelling skills being a little lacking. I booked them in for a pet photography photo shoot recently and whilst they are adorable and I’m confident we got some great photos out of it, it was rather hard work and after an hour and a half I was exhausted.  As were they, and we all proceeded to collapse in our respective pozzies at home afterwards.  The photographer, who does this about 6 or 7 times a day seemed unfazed.  She is a machine.

My living room wall is going to look fantastic decorated in professional photos though, and I cannot wait to see the outcome of our efforts.

I could go on about all of that….

but my half lunch break is over now and I have to get back to work, so you will just have to be satisfied with a “hi” and “bye” and I hope your week is more productive than my recent blogging attempts!



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