Just another day in…chaos

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I didn’t make it to yoga today.  When my friend enquired, I started to write a reply, but it got a bit wordy so I thought I would use it as a blog post.

Wednesdays are hard for me.  Wednesday is the toughest day of the week because I am out of town Mondays and Tuesdays, and consequently, Tuesday winds up being a very long day. 

The fact that I want to do yoga the remaining three mornings that I AM home means that 5 days a week, I live out of a bag which I pack and repack every day.  It’s extremely tedious.  Lots of people do it, but lately I have been struggling with it.  I continue to try because I want to make it to my yoga class in the mornings.  However, last night there was the added distraction of a third dog, Missy, who I had to go collect after I got home (because I forgot to do it on my way home), so at 9:20 pm I was grabbing my keys and walking back OUT the door.

I consequently did not get a lot of sleep either, because a) my labrador LOVES Missy and they play continuously, and b) Missy is a very gentle soul, and it takes her a good day to really settle in so she does remain a little restless for the first day (hence the constant play).

I collapsed into bed at 10:30pm, without dinner- for which I was once again berated for this morning by The Crush- but I had to get up at 11:50, 2:20, 3 and then my alarm went off at 4:30. Why 4:30? Because when I finally got home last night, I was too exhausted to pack my bag for today and do the food prep.  So, I thought I would need the extra time this morning to make sure I was organised for the day.

This then prompted (more or less) the question- why does it take you so long to get ready???

Because I’m the most indecisive person on this planet. 

If you saw me at work you might not think so, but I think I compensate for lack of indecisiveness at work by being indecisive about a lot of stupid crap at home.

And so I provide you with a run down of my typical Wednesday preparations, on an ordinary week, with only two furry fiends to contend with…

It takes me 20 minutes to even decide what I want to wear – and even then it’s generally the same outfit I wore on Wednesday last week, but for some reason, every day I develop some strange determination to morph my wardrobe into something really cool and spectacular by mixing and matching a couple of pieces that I never thought of combining before….  And then I pack my bag and I agonise over stupid little things- what toiletries?? Skincare, makeup, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, sunscreen.  Shampoo and conditioner have to go in a separate bag because the bottles are too big and they don’t fit in my toiletry bag.  Shower gel… can I get away without the hairdryer??? Yes (I take the hairdryer out and put it away)….wait, No. I have a meeting (I go to the bathroom, retrieve hairdryer and repack it).  I then systematically go through dressing in my mind.  Underwear, check.  Tights, check.  Shoes….which shoes? Should I wear the boring black heels which are cute but nonetheless…boring.  I decide to pack the maroon wedges instead…dammit stupid hairdryer is too big and the shoes won’t fit in the bag with the hairdryer AND toiletries.  I briefly decide to rethink the toiletries but decide I cannot sacrifice anything there.  I take the hairdryer out. 

Skirt, top, jacket- would get creased if I shove them in my bag so I put them in a separate suit bag (because who wants to walk up a busy street through the city with their clothes just on a hanger???) What if someone comes zooming around the corner with coffee in hand and slams into me? Yes, suit bags definitely have their purpose. 

Scarf….I catch a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror.

Shit…I really DO need that hairdryer- I have that crappy fine wispy hair that WILL NOT dry well on its own!!  I repack the hairdryer and replace the maroon wedges with the boring black ones that fit in the bag.

Ok.  Clothes packed.

I have PT at the gym on Wednesday nights.  I quickly put my gym gear together into a separate bag.

Food.  I need my green smoothie, some fruit, some oats for brekky, salad for lunch….and I need ANOTHER BAG.

I arrange all of the food on one shelf in the fridge so that in the morning I don’t have to think about what I need for the day with my foggy brain.

In the morning my senses are assaulted by the alarm at 5am, I stumble to my bedroom door, I’m not prepared for the onslaught of paws, teeth, fur and slobber.  This surprises me every morning. I should be used to it by now.  I push myself through the barricade of dog and stumble to the bathroom.

The dogs need to go out- I let them out.

I turn to the basin, squint at the bright light, squidge some toothepaste onto my toothbrush and shove the brush in my mouth, squinting into the mirror trying to focus enough to make sure that there is nothing hideous on my face that needs to be dealt with or covered up before I walk outside.  I jump in the shower and stick my face under the stream to wash the sleep fog away.  It’s not working today. Today is Wednesday.  Tuesday is an 18hour day, up at 4am, in bed about 10-10:30pm.  No amount of hot or cold water can wake me up today, I force myself to open my eyes and finish my shower.  I get out of the shower, slap some moisturiser on my face, scrutinize the wrinkles under my eyes, maybe fix a few blemishes with a dot of concealer here and there- it doesn’t do much.  I need a new face.

I may or may not comb my hair before pulling it back.

The dogs want back in, I let them in. 

I get dressed into my yoga gear and I race to the kitchen glancing at the clock.  It’s 5:25. I need to get my act into gear.  I down some fish oil tablets and some water because I’m a little dehydrated after my flight last night.  I pull the food out of the fridge, add some protein powder to my smoothie and shove it all in a bag. 

I race out to feed the dogs,  give them fresh water, and quickly check the yard- I don’t know what for exactly, but I still just look around to take in the destruction.

I race back inside, lock the back door, slip on my uggies (you don’t need sneakers for yoga!).

CRAP I forgot to pack socks for the gym tonight!

 I run back to the bedroom to get socks and shove them in my gym bag.

I collect my stuff for work (suit bag and small duffel), I pick up my gym bag and that’s all I can handle so I trudge out to the car and shove it all in.

I then go back for my handbag and the bag with food and some paperwork in it. I turn on the lamp because it will be dark when I get home tonight.

I walk out the door, get in the car put the key in the ignition and pause.  I wonder if it’s possible to store my entire wardrobe in my car.

I turn the key and head to yoga. 

Its 5:40am and my Wednesday has started.


5 thoughts on “Just another day in…chaos

  1. This reminds me a bit of my partner. She can and normally does take two hours to get dressed for work each morning, and I am always astonished at how she can fill in the time uming and arring over outfits and the like. Once working she is very decisive and directed so it sounds like much the same thing

  2. Wow, Serene, I’m dizzy. That’s a lot of fast thinking. There’s so much to deal with. I admire your commitment to it all. I don’t know if this helps any, but years ago I had an executive female client who traveled a lot and was stressed about the same kind of stuff. I suggested that she get a whole new set of toiletries and a small hair dryer specifically for travel and that she keep all this stuff stocked, packed and ready at all times — in addition to standard shoes for when she traveled. It lowered her stress a lot. Also, with the bigger bottles like shampoo and conditioner, smaller empty bottles can be filled and kept with the new set of toiletries, etc. …Didn’t know there are special yoga footies. Very cool. Nice save on space and weight. Regarding routines, I’ve had to take mine way down until my motivation and conviction build again (down to 2 Sun Salutations, brief inversions, and splits). Love it when you mention yoga!

  3. I’m so glad I’m a dude and I just can dash in and out of the shower in a matter of minutes and go from workout disgusting to black tie affair in a matter of minutes….

    Yoga….hmm…running is yoga enough for this man…


    • From one runner to another T, the yoga is just as sweat-provoking- you might like it! I am woeful at it- which of course means I consider it a challenge to improve!
      As for the effort and agonizing over getting ready– well, all I can say is: it’s a gal thing 😉

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