Right Now, For Now

RDO today ♥

I need it too.  I don’t work as hard as I used to, but I do tend to feel it when things start to get hectic again.

I started the day well- I overslept but still manage to rouse myself in time to make a mad dash to yoga.  No organisation required today which helped, just had to get dressed, teeth brushed and out the door.

Takeaway coffee and chat with a friend before heading home to face the yard destruction that I was unwilling to face last night. No, it definitely did NOT look better in the morning!

Called my mother as I promised I would do 5 days ago.  A few more phone calls, check my email.  Shower, and take dog to the vet.

Second coffee (how indulgent) and a brief flirt with the cute barista and I check my blog while I wait.  Minutes later, and listening to a South African pop singer I am reminded of the tears I was shedding a mere 17 hours ago as the album started to play on my way home yesterday.  Today, it doesn’t provoke the same reaction, and in the spectacular mid-morning sunshine I am driving home singing in Afrikaans at the top of my voice. Do I speak Afrikaans? Not quite…I can say “good morning, how are you?”, does that count?  No, I just make it up.

Hey- my car, my ipod, my imaginary language, ok?!

I have had a positive start to my day and I am looking forward to relaxing in an organised house in a few hours time (and maybe putting in a little more effort to this blog!),  I look forward to not letting nostalgic thoughts darken my day, I look forward to a cuddle with my pooch, I look forward to decluttering my life and listing half my wardrobe on Ebay.

I look forward to today.  Not tomorrow, not next week, not next year…just, today.

For now.


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