Life Lesson #1399

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Do, or do not, there is no try. (possibly the only quote from Star Wars I will ever remember)

Thank you Yoda for such enlightenment! In relation to “matters of the heart” I shall be sure in future, to try and opt for “do not” a little more regularly- to save myself some inevitable and monumental humiliation.

What I have learned this week:

Sometimes backwards can be forwards, but mostly, it’s just backwards.

I am still learning to conquer my fear.


2 thoughts on “Life Lesson #1399

    • Hmmmm…except for the bit of opting to “do not” rather than “do”.
      Having calmed down a bit now I realise perhaps that is a bit of a self-defeating option.
      Not doing something only results in you spending a lot more time torturing yourself with “what-if?”‘s. Best to go for it, rip the bandaid off and see what happens!
      But glad you enjoyed my little hissy fit! 🙂

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