Trips and Travels

I have been blog-tardy.  I don’t even know if I have a good excuse.  Or…any excuse.

I don’t know what is happening with my life, it is quite literally flashing before my eyes.  I don’t seem to have time for anything! I’m always rushing and sleep is far too infrequent and fleeting. I have not had a sleep-in for weeks, but having said that, I’m not really complaining.  I’m actually loving having a full schedule, less time to wallow and wait for some wave of lethargy or depression to wipe me out because my life isn’t where I expected (or worked hard for) it to be.

The only downside is that I possibly have not been engaging in quite enough exercise, perhaps one or two glasses of vino too many (well any is too many as far as my trainer is concerned) and definitely too much sugar!

Ah well, you only live once, right? Besides I would have been exercising more, but for the slight mishap I had on my run last week.  We were only two kms in and I inexplicably started tripping a few times…(ok so I’m out of condition and consequently I was not picking up my feet!), but I thought how great my reflexes were and how well I recovered …and then before I knew it I found myself sprawled on the path bloodied and bruised (it’s a toss-up as to whether my ego suffered more…I suspect it did).

I peeled myself off the pavement and hobbled back to the car, blood dripping from the ends of my fingers and yep, I had done a good job.  6 hours later I was hobbling through my house wondering how I could have managed to graze and bruise both sides of my body and how a simple fall could do so much damage? Seriously, you would have thought I had fallen off a cliff or down a ravine or something! Stiff and Sore? Yep.  Feeling sorry for myself. YEP! Now, I am generally deemed to have a fairly high pain threshold but I was feeling particulary battered a few hours after the incident and I can see now, how 60+ year olds really hurt themselves quite significantly just by falling over around the house (and then I was silly enough yesterday to read about a fellow blogger’s much more serious incident, which gives me cause to feel particularly feeble).

Anyway, despite the fact that my lack of eye-foot co-ordination in running was responsible for my injuries, it was rather ironic to think that running was now the only thing I could do.  As I had quite a significant chunk out of my left palm I could not lift dumbells, or rest my hand on my bikes handlebars, or bear my own weight on my hands in yoga.  Finally, after a week of dressing and re-dressing the wound I figured it was finally well enough to battle yoga on Sunday. 

Turns out, it almost was. 

Oh well, I figure my blood-stained yoga mat is sure to give me some cred with the instructor.  How’s THAT for dedication!

We have also moved offices at work.  Entirely new building.  I only have one complaint.  The elevators are too fast.  Yes, that’s correct TOO fast.   On the building’s website, they are called “super-fast lifts”.  All well and good until you meet a handsome stranger in said lift and then realise you are at your floor before you’ve barely had time to work up to a joke so that you can flash him your newly-dentist-clean dazzling smile! 

Ok, so…he was probably married. I wouldn’t know, the lift was TOO FAST and I didn’t even get to check his hand! Ugh, though I despise myself for admitting that I am now one of “those” women who checks for a wedding ring.  Might I add, on behalf of all single 30+ somethings everywhere, our plight is made all that much harder by the fact that many married men these days choose not to wear one! No fair, guys.  Seriously.

But all in all, I am liking the new location.  Fresh faces, fresh coffee places, it’s as good as a holiday.

Ooh, speaking of holidays: 25 sleeps until my little island escape, which I booked on a whim after the email incident.

Not that I’m counting or anything.

I have an App that does that for me…


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