A Royal Revelation

HM Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kin...

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The Queen was in town recently. People were flocking to see her, to hand her flowers, and shake her hand, or perhaps just catch a glimpse.

It made me wonder what it must be like to live a life under scrutiny. Ok, perhaps she’s not in the public eye quite as much as she used to be, or perhaps that’s just the perception we have here in Australia- I suppose she is still closely watched in England, they do seem to love her there. Whilst many Australians balked at the prospect of making a fuss over her, claiming she was of little importance to us here, I must admit I was rather intrigued by this woman who, at her age is still able to cope with a gruelling travel schedule that most 20 year olds would struggle with, and above all, handle it with grace and a warm smile.

For all of her perceived stuffiness and the bad press she has had over the years, you have to wonder, what would she have done, how would she have behaved, if she didn’t have to shoulder the responsibility of being the public front runner for the Royal Family, whom the public of England still hold so dear? Yes, it is all perhaps a little antiquated, but having been born into her circumstances, I find it rather difficult to think poorly of her. Really, I quite admire her. I struggle in my own un-scrutinised life to not take the minor criticisms to heart and to handle my relatively trivial embarrassments with grace, yet here is a woman whose life has always been under a microscope, monitored and judged, and yet she can still be gracious and patient with the public.

It’s true, many celebrities these days could probably afford to take a leaf or two out of her book.

And I think perhaps, so could I, even in my little ordinary daily existence.