Lemon-y Goodness

This image shows a whole and a cut lemon.

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December 15.


2011 feels like it was 6 months long. I was having a discussion with a friend the other week who postulated that time was moving faster. I suppose that could happen. If the world spun faster, clocks would move faster, how would we know? Though I’m sure some scientist or two (not this one, obviously) would tweak to the fact if the world was spinning twice as fast. However, it could happen, and then I would have a perfectly reasonable explain my dizziness (and ditziness!).

I’m sure I am not the only one to reflect on the year [almost] past and realise, with some level of despondence, that they did not achieve all the things they set out to do. That they face a new year much in the same position they started the present year, and in some cases, perhaps a step or two behind where they began, and a body fat percentage nowhere near where it should be.

Am I less grouchy about Christmas this year? Probably not. But then, I havent really had time to think about it. In a cloud of lemon zest, sugar and butter last weekend I began making some delectable gifts for people (rather than shopping because I still need to renovate…well…my entire house!). However, that did nothing to instill the Christmas spirit into this Scrooge.

Happily, I can report that it is not unhappiness but rather the flurry of paperwork and meetings that have prevented me from really establishing a Christmas spirit this year – I am nowhere near finished some projects I had hoped to have had tied up at work by now- but that could be because I take on a new project at about an average of one per day!

I have not pulled out the Christmas tree, I have not sent a single Christmas card, I have not bought, nor wrapped a single present, and I think in the house move earlier this year, I may have binned the little santa stickers you use to identify whose gift is whose.

I suspect I have only enough silver ribbon to wrap around the neck of one jar of lemon butter, I may have some pink tissue paper that is lying crinkled at the bottom of the drawer in my coffee table somewhere (beneath the various remotes, my internet provider’s manuals and my special edition of the Sunday Times covering the Royal Wedding, which I have yet to thumb through).

And, in possibly my most Grinch move yet, last week I caved and cracked the bottle of 15yo Glenlivet that I was saving to share with my dad on New Year’s. Ok, I know, I’m a terrible daughter but….it was an emergency!! Anyway, it’s not like I drank the whole bottle- there’s barely a visible dent in it- but you just cant give an open bottle! Luckily, I have a fresh bottle of The Dalmore Gran Reserva (courtesy of Duty Free thanks to my recent trip to Malaysia), which I’m sure he’ll appreciate.

All of this is fine of course. Noone seems to care that my level of organisation more closely resembles a level of chaos, which degenerates further every year. Provided I show up when and where I am expected to, for the official family gatherings, all is right in the world of Serene’s family, and anything can be forgiven (that goes both ways, I might add).

Things are definitely not perfect, but this Christmas – though I am gifting lemon butter – I will not be dishing up lemons!


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