Due Diligence

So, I recently had to have yet another “talk” with The Crush due to is complete lack of respect for my time, and…well…basic good manners.  Having had that discussion, and coming to the realisation that nothing was every going to change, it seems I may have succumbed to the idea of my friend Mel arranging a casual “catch-up” amongst some of her work colleagues, with the intention of introducing me to another potentially eligible bachelor.  A little history about Mel and matchmaking involving me:  Her quest began in our second year of university to see me happily ensconced in a nice relationship with a nice boy.  Don’t get the wrong idea, she wasn’t pushy, nor was this exactly her prime goal in life.  However, she did take to the whole match-making scenario with gusto.  Unfortunately, as luck would have it, and much to her own mortification, many of my potential suitors were in fact more interested in her than I.

However, this did not deter her and though her efforts in finding a suitable match for Serene were forced to take an 8 year-long hiatus during the doomed relationship that began this whole mature-age dating fiasco, Mel has continued to approach the dating scene (albeit viewed from the bleachers) with far more enthusiasm than a single, almost-middle-aged gal could ever hope to muster herself.

Matchmaking is a skill that needs to be honed, I suppose, and whilst Mel has had some successes in the past with her other…er…exploits(?) ;-P, I remain the troublesome student who simply refuses to graduate and collect her happily ever after, tied neatly with a bow. 

It’s not that I don’t want to graduate.  It’s just that, much like my university study choices- I’m just not sure what happily ever after looks like, for me.

I tried to get excited about the HEA with M but the timing wasn’t right, and I guess with these things, timing is everything.  Trying to find one person who wants (largely) the same things you want, in the same time frame and with you specifically, is actually rather difficult.  It’s only once you find that person, that it suddenly all seems spectacularly simple.

So, when Mel suggested I join her for a few drinks with her work colleagues, in order to meet a certain someone, I accepted with an equal mix of trepidation and enthusiasm.

Turns out, in this instance, Mel appeared to hit the jackpot.  The man in question was funny, a bit of a spunk (but not too pretty, perfect for someone who likes her men a little rugged), he was sporting a charming dose of sunburn on his nose (either from cycling or holiday snorkelling) and he did have a very pleasant smile.

That’s all I really got to know about him on the night as I was seated a little too far away to engage in any decent conversation.  However, after a couple of weeks of freaking out about what I had to do, I finally caved and sought out a mutual acquaintance to pass me his number. Only to be informed…he was involved with someone else.


 When Mel later enquired if I had followed up, I mentally shook my head.  Due Diligence Mel, Due Diligence!

In all fairness though, it appear she did ask prior to the work drinks affair, if he was single and this was indeed confirmed.  Turns out, it was fairly new and he hadn’t told anyone yet.

I explained to Mel there was one thing we hadn’t factored into this Cupid Equation, and that was the “Serene” Co-efficient.  Guaranteed to turn the favourable into impossible, and when given proper consideration, will always ensure that any excitement regarding the prospect of success is levelled appropriately, to minimise grand visions of Sunday cycles together and water sports in exotic locations.

Sleeping Cupid

Image via Wikipedia


Ah well, it is a frantic time of year.  Cupid is clearly run off his feet, and a challenge like Serene may be beyond him at this point.

Nonetheless, I’m really hoping he gets his second wind soon though, perhaps after a little shut-eye…?

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