Fun and Frivolous

This is a frivolous post. Well, let’s be honest here, ALL of my posts are frivolous and self-indulgent, but that is the point, yes? 🙂

Today my head is foggy, I have a runny nose, and there’s a whole heap of grossness building deep inside my chest cavity, which I know is going to cause me agony in a few hours time.

I have a summer cold.

Summer colds have one advantage over winter colds and that is: when you are forced to sleep in a sitting position in order to manage a simple task such as breathing– in summertime you don’t freeze when you finally fall asleep and allow the blankets slip down to your lap. Therefore, though I feel crappy, I am better equipped to cope due to managing at least a few hours of sleep last night (I am getting really good at this silver lining stuff!).

However, though I am at work, I will admit that the most I have managed to achieve so far today is filling out my “beauty” profile on the Mecca website, and declining a calendar invite for a 4km charity swim in 4 weeks time (I need more notice than that to get my swim mojo happening).

I did some Christmas shopping yesterday and I had a great time. I stuck to my own favourite stores and found things for other people there, rather than blindly wandering through the city looking at everything and anything and freaking out about the stress of it all.

 Consequently, I also found a few things for myself, which have been pushed to the very top of my wishlist for purchase in 2012.

Here are the top 5 from yesterday’s expedition:

#1 – Kai Linen Spray 

Well, truth be told, anything Kai!! However, if I had to list them individually the whole top 5 would be Kai something-or-other (candles, perfume, body lotion, body oil…) I also specifically have my eye on the candles for both my living room and bedroom and [at least] the perfume (actually, in my own mind I already own the perfume so to say it’s a wishlist item is fruitless, and my bank account has grudgingly acknowledged that the hit is coming).

This stuff smells beautiful and its the perfect feminine scent that I have been searching for all these years. It’s totally ‘me’ and I want to immerse myself in it.

#2 – Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner (in Peacock) 

 This stuff is awesome. The makeup artist in Mecca put some of the Lionfish colour (a bronze/brown) on my eyes yesterday and once set, it wont smudge- which is perfect for the girl who has a tendency to rub her eyes constantly throughout they day and winds up looking like a racoon at the end of it! (i.e. Me!). I spied the Peacock colour and I instantly fell in love. But they come in heaps of funky colours and it’s true…I want all of them. I have, to date, not been a big make-up person. I have one Revlon eyeshadow compact (in very neutral colours), one black eyeliner (which is about a decade old now- I know, I know!!), mascara and because I am quite minimalist, I rely purely on a 30 second application of mineral powder in the mornings to help make me look presentable, 1x By Terry eye concealer which I was introduced to only a couple of months ago.

I own a grand total of 3 lipsticks.

I recently discovered blush.

I also have some mineral pigments (they came with the mineral foundation), which I have been far to scared to open because I have no idea how to use them! So though they are in my drawer, they do not form part of my makeup routine (yet). The remainder of my makeup drawer is stuffed with nail polish, perfumes and various bottles of sunscreen (I’m still trying to locate a good SPF 30 for wearing every day, which doesn’t upset my skin).

All in all, now that I have written all of that down I have way more than I thought I did but I know it’s still rather pitiful for a woman of 33. I didn’t even know until yesterday that there are different brushes to apply eyeshadow! I have one eyeshadow brush, which I “borrowed” from my sister about 15 years ago. It’s completely synthetic but it’s soft. Anyway I am discovering makeup, and have become addicted to the various “tutorials’ on YouTube. Most are hideous! But some have proved useful (and the hideous ones are good for a giggle and I often wonder if they actually did venture out into public after turning off the camera…?)

Consequently, the next item on my list is also makeup:

#3 – MAC eyeshadow

 Eye Shadow

MAC Eye Shadow

Colour? TBA- I will have to discuss that with someone who has any idea about what might look good on me. But I’m thinking something romantic looking- something pinky 🙂

#4 – Wittner Camel/Tan Patent Leather Peeptoe Wedges



I need them. NEED them! They would complement so many of my summer outfits and a peep toe would allow my lovely shellac’d toenails to have their day. I know the picture is not a peep toe style, but I will persevere! They must exist somewhere!

#5 – Flower clip for my hair

Image of Black Dahlia hair flower clip.

Image taken from - check them out they have a very extensive selection!

Now, I know these have been around for a long time, but the truth is, when they came out a few years ago I actually thought they were a bit naff (I also concede that use of the slang term “naff” is a little naff). This was a trend I just did not “get” at the time and I really felt they only belonged in the hair of exotic looking women and Spanish/Flamenco dancers, not pale skinned, straight haired, blonde women such as myself who dances as though their joints have been superglued in the one position (i.e. “Stiff”!). However, I recently discovered the low-and-loose side-swept pony tail and I got a ton of compliments the other day when I wore one (who would have thought that a lopsided hairdo would cause such a flurry?). I really thought that a pale pink or grey flower would have topped of my outfit perfectly so, I guess that means I have finally succumbed…

So there you have it, my top 5 frivolous purchase wishlist for the coming year.

And I have now officially achieved something else today.

Does anyone else wind up mentally shopping for themselves when they are out purchasing for others? Or do I now need to acknowledge that I have a problem…?


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