Merry Christmas Eve

I have had a lovely Christmas Eve, despite my less than favourable start to December 24, 2011.  I am currently up to my armpits in Lemon Butter, silver ribbon and tissue paper.  I am sticky all over because I’m pretty sure my Thermomix has showered me in sugar dust from head to toe. I have Michael Bublé belting out Silent Night from my iTunes (I have to say his rendition with the Trinity Boys choir(?) has given me a new appreciation for that particular carol, it really is gorgeous) and though I’ve barely spoken to anyone today (well, unless “squeaking” counts- because I don’t have much of a voice right now), I feel very much “in the Christmas spirit”.

There’s just something about the leisurely pace of Christmas cooking, the streets are quiet because everyone is inside making last minute preparations.  As I walked the dogs today I heard various Christmas albums blaring out from a number of houses in my street.  I’m sure if I had a family it would be more chaotic within the confines of my walls, but its just me and the dogs, going at our own pace, stopping every now and then to chill and soak up the lazy Christmas atmosphere. And even though it is just me and the dogs, still the holiday preparations are always heartwarming and happy.

I cant help it.  I love Christmas! Even when I loathe it I still love it!

So, Merry Christmas to my fellow bloggers and friends.  Have a safe and happy Yuletide!


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