“Chic”, Chic

Ugh, Wednesday.

It’s half over now, thank goodness, I am starting to struggle!

Attempted a run on Monday night- wound up a coughing, mucousy mess at the 2km mark.  Hobbled back to my little room on site, showered, downed a couple of night time cold & flu tabs and put myself to bed very early.

Yesterday I felt marginally better, but still very tired.  After an 18 hour day I was thankful the plane got me home on time, so relieved to finally crawl into my comfy bed, only to be disturbed by unpleasant dreams all night long.

Today, I was meant to get up early and attempt another run but I fell asleep after turning off the alarm, and did not stir again until Spike (my very demanding Flatcoat Retriever) started scratching at my door indicating his need to be let outside.

I’m so grateful for a short week this week, having an RDO scheduled for Friday.  I was going to work it, but I think I will attempt to finish painting my bedroom instead- after all, I only started it 3 months ago!!! I recently purchased three prints from Inslee Haynes and I am looking forward to hanging them in my room (on a freshly painted wall!). My room is my space, and I want it to be feminine, and organised, and pretty (a look which I hope appears more “Chic” Chic as compared to “Shabby” Chic).

It’s taking some time, but it’s getting there.

In any case, as I already have the paint, this will hopefully also prevent me from any further shopping.  I am off to Melbourne in two weeks, but due to my pre-xmas shopping blitz I will have to limit my expenditure to the more culinary delights that Melbourne has to offer.  Which should be fine, provided I still fit into my pre-xmas purchases by the end of the trip.  Hopefully joining my friend on some of her ironman training sessions should help with that, though I’m not sure how I will keep up!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas festivities. I was very grateful to have received a very warm welcome to Mel’s family function and it was so relaxing and enjoyable.  I look forward to seeing my own family this weekend for some belated late xmas celebrations, better late than never!

PS I did buy the Kai perfume, and I am loving it.

PPS My pre-xmas purchases also included a last minute purchase of a pair of Carmen Steffens shoes…so, so pretty! But no, I know they are not tan/camel patent leather peeptoe wedges! They do however, constitute a perfect match to my new Wish summer dress!


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