The Coffee Grinch

English: Cute coffee.

Service with a it really too much to ask? Image via Wikipedia

Look, I know it’s the festive season ‘n’ all, but some of us still work over the Christmas / New Year period.

Can we have more than one coffee shop open in the city please??? Waiting 33 minutes for a sub-standard coffee, served by a grumpy and rude service person, in 40 °C  heat is really not my ideal way to start the day. 

Yes, I understand, I have some sympathy for the fact that they were crazy-busy and probably not too impressed with the fact that the entire west end of the CBD descended upon them in agitation requiring their caffeine fix, stat! 

I accept that there is nothing pretty about a 100 ft queue of crazed coffee addicts in withdrawal. 

But let’s be real here, it’s not all bad news for the cafe owners, their till is full to bursting and they can charge whatever they like for their coffee, safe in the knowledge that people will still hand over their hard-earned buckeroonies for even a whiff of their bitter brew.

(B– maybe we need to revisit that cafe idea…)

In the meantime, I am going to have serious words with my Barista next week when he re-opens, he cant just abandon me like this! Oh, how I long for his cheery smile, funky tunes, functional air-conditioning and my extra shot of caffeine that this week’s coffee Nazi refused to serve me, despite my (I thought, successful) attempt at the cheeriest and sweetest of tones.

That’s not how he makes coffee.

Cheerio folks, I’m off to find a bag of coffee beans I can munch on, this cup of warm milk has done nothing to help me face the long day ahead with any level of enthusiasm.


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