Timely Reminder to Myself and Others

Please don’t take this the wrong way but, if what you have to contribute is not at all constructive to a situation, if it does not help change the circumstance or help it to progress in a positive manner…then please, take a moment to reconsider the necessity of said contribution.

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Facebook is Evil Pt. 2

Today FB decided it was time to offer me a bit of help with regard to my personal life.  Clearly, I have had a “single” status for far too long. 

How did FB decide to offer this help? By introducing me via an ad, to an Over 50’s dating site.

WTH?! I mean, sure, it’s been a while since I updated my “info” section – but I’m pretty sure that last time I checked, my birthdate fell way short of 50!!

Way to go Facebook, thanks a lot!

Facebook is Evil

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I really hate myself for it, but I could not stop myself from becoming a little nauseous and panicky when I noted that my beloved ex, M and my girlfriend “friended” each other on Facebook recently.

Not to imply that anything untoward is going on.  But regardless, that little yellow monster is wriggling around in there, making it known to me that he wants a little freedom.  Trying to get a message to me – he wants out. 

I’m a little ashamed to admit that it kills me a little to know that she gets to enjoy the company of the man who I miss very much and with whom a relationship came to a premature end after an ultimatum was issued, a whole lot of pressure applied, and very little time for me to decide, which ‘ultimately’ shattered the bubble.

Social media – the bane of my existence.

I guess I’ll just have to get over it and remind myself that things could be worse.

…And if my fears are realised then it’s prudent to remember that this stuff happens all the time, I’m certainly not alone in that regard.

Today I am Grateful…

The Only Way to Fly

I am grateful for surviving the harrowing white-knuckled flight home last night. Humans are just not meant to fly – unless it’s on the back of a magical luck-dragon (and even that is not without risk- should you happen to stray into a Nothing).

I am grateful that the weird spot on my cheek that has developed in recent months is not skin cancer, but merely a harmless virus, which will clear up in no time at all.

I am grateful for the fabulous people I work with (even if there is a chance I may not be in the not-too distant future).

I am grateful for the REAL coffee I was able to purchase this morning.

I am grateful to my beautiful friend, R and her husband, who are both just awesome.

Today could possibly improve, maybe, if I were off somewhere diving in some exotic location…

Or, if I could fit into skinny jeans (and have them look good)…

Or, if my ungainly feet suddenly became graceful, allowing me to get from the bus station to the office without tripping, thereby fooling everyone into thinking I am elegant in the Grace Kelly-esque dress I am wearing today…

Or, if the cowlick in my hair would just stay where I want it to for more than 30 seconds…!

Or, if Josh Lucas were to arrive on my doorstep and lull me into a dream-state with that damned sexy voice of his (well…sexy evrything really), before whisking me – and my dogs (because it’s so true, he loves dogs, this totally proves it)- away to a secluded oasis somewhere, where we would live together in bliss for the rest of our days…

But even without these totally realistic potential bonuses that could so happen, I don’t think I can complain about today at all. 

No siree.