Facebook is Evil

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I really hate myself for it, but I could not stop myself from becoming a little nauseous and panicky when I noted that my beloved ex, M and my girlfriend “friended” each other on Facebook recently.

Not to imply that anything untoward is going on.  But regardless, that little yellow monster is wriggling around in there, making it known to me that he wants a little freedom.  Trying to get a message to me – he wants out. 

I’m a little ashamed to admit that it kills me a little to know that she gets to enjoy the company of the man who I miss very much and with whom a relationship came to a premature end after an ultimatum was issued, a whole lot of pressure applied, and very little time for me to decide, which ‘ultimately’ shattered the bubble.

Social media – the bane of my existence.

I guess I’ll just have to get over it and remind myself that things could be worse.

…And if my fears are realised then it’s prudent to remember that this stuff happens all the time, I’m certainly not alone in that regard.


One thought on “Facebook is Evil

  1. There really should be therapists out there specializing in Facebook angst. Anyway, even though you’re not alone, that kinda stuff still sucks and stings.

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