Novel, but not quite…

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I had a wardrobe malfunction today.  The split in my skirt started to split uncontrollably after I sort of tripped whilst getting out of my car.  So, I pinned it and then in my lunch break I made an emergency dash to buy a replacement and put the other one in for mending (no- it’s not wasteful! You can never have too many black skirts and today’s purchase would comprise only my 2nd black skirt so, I feel fully justified!).

Anyway, so I bought a skirt. 

It’s the most boring black skirt I could find but it’s fine and a perfect option for the office.

The lady in the shop said “oh that’s a good skirt for work because it’s made of [something-or-other] and it doesn’t crease!”

I look down at it and note a number of creases in the front, then I look back at her and then she says “oh, that’s just because we only have a steamer

Right.  So let me get this straight…  After you IRON it it’s not creased?

How novel!

Perhaps I should buy two?


2 thoughts on “Novel, but not quite…

  1. You could run a poll on the dumbest sales patter. I think this one might make the top forty. I noticed an ad on the TV bragging their product was “their best ever formula”. Well, that’s a surprise: you’d think they’d design a better one, then revert to some inferior predecessor, wouldn’t you?
    Good post

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