Spreading the Love

So, next Tuesday is Valentine’s day.

The annual day for lovers.

The most romantic day of the year.

A day for heart-shaped chocolates and flowers.

And what will I be doing? Why, I will be on a plane of course! Doing my weekly trek back from the middle of nowhere.

So, I officially have an excuse not to be doing anything.  That and of course, I am single.

However, I was recently speaking with a French work colleague who- being French and recently engaged, I imagined would be doing something incredibly, deliciously romantic herself- asked me what I was doing for V-Day.

I advised I didn’t have anything special planned.  She asked if my partner worked away, and I was forced to reveal my “lack of partner”.

“Oh!” she said, “are you not doing anything with your friends then?”

I must have looked confused, so she clarified:

“In Europe, and also when we were in America, Valentine’s Day was more about showing all those you love, that you love them.  It was more about friends and family than ‘couples’.  I have noticed it does not seem to be the same here in Australia”

I am ashamed to admit that this has never really occurred to me.  Not even many years ago, waaaaaaay back in my early uni days, when a friend, J went to America to work for a while and though he was in a very serious relationship with my other friend M, thought to send me a massive bunch of flowers on V-day, from the other side of the globe!

It was such a lovely surprise and it is by far my fondest V-day memory, possibly because I knew it was a true sentiment.  He wasn’t some boyfriend who had, after weeks of bemoaning how “commercial” V-day is, begrudgingly raced to the servo at 11am on V-day to get me a card, after I had bestowed upon him some well thought out gift that I had laboured over for weeks. 

It was simply one friend expressing love to another and it was so thoughtful and such a surprise, that it reduced me to tears, in the best way possible.

So, to all my beautiful friends, though I will not be around to ring in V-Day 2012 sharing a cheeky cocktail with you and having a few laughs, I would just like to say, that I love you very much, and I don’t know what I would do without each and every one of you! 

Happy Valentine's Day!


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