A Truth About Never Finding It

Today I am sharing a link to Ellen McCarthy’s recent article in the Washington Post, it just struck a chord with me, particularly Wendy Braitman’s quote “Sometimes, the only thing left is to know that it’s ok to be uncomfortable.”

I think I will apply that statement to more than just the “single” moments in my life because, let’s face it, I have a habit of embarrassing myself on a regular basis (such as walking around the city with a hole in my skirt!), and it makes me feel better to think that being uncomfortable is inevitable for all of us, at times.


There are indeed, no guarantees in life, but how I choose to deal with the hand that I am dealt is up to me.  There is no magical “cure” for heartache and longing, so I need to learn to make the best of the circumstances that are beyond my control.


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