Just a Hint of Sparkle

Ok, so here we have another frivolous post.  I know that there are some people who read this blog who are amazing thinkers, they are philosophical and spiritual (all things which this blog is NOT), so this post may seem a little fickle and even vain, but really that’s ok.  It’s to be expected that these things will go hand in hand with a woman who is herself a little…well…fickle and vain (come on, aren’t we all? Just a little bit?)

So, if any of you read my recent novella, and if you managed to get through even most of it you would be aware that I’ve faced some challenges in my personal life lately and I’m about to face some, albeit exciting, challenges in my professional career in the not too distant future.

In between avoiding personal meltdowns and professional freakouts, I have discovered a few things to bring a smile to my face.

Absolute #1 at the moment – and I’m sure many of you have seen it already as it is spreading across the internet like wildfire- is Text From Dog

I have read every one and I greedily scour the website daily to see if any new ones have been posted.    I warn you, there is some rather colourful language, but I love it, and my favourites still make me laugh out loud, even if I have read them a good 20 times or more.

Secondly, Veronika Maine dresses.  I simply cannot get enough of these at the moment.  I currently own 4 in various styles from  kinda 1960’s chic knit, to sophisticated sleek.  I wear them to work, I wear them to BBQ’s, I’ll probably wear one of them shopping next time because they are so comfy and easy to slip on and off.  I have currently banned myself from going anywhere within a 50m radius of a VM store or stockist- I seem to be automatically pulled in, totally beyond my own control- by some gravitational field, after which they perform some kind of Jedi mind control trick forcing me to surrender my credit card to their mercy.

Thirdly, Savoir Faire lipstick! I received a free sample of one of these babies recently in the most crazy violet colour I never thought I’d wear.  Only, I did wear it, yesterday in fact, and I received a bucketload of compliments and not only that – it really lasted the whole day and didn’t dry out my lips! I actually struggled to get it off when I got home.  Today, I went online and bought one more in a colour I know I will be able to rock a little more regularly than the show-stopping Showgirl shade.

I also love that it’s a local product (I think?) go Perth, yay! 

Fourth – Belts.  Need I say more really? I have them in all colours and widths.  I am finally learning to accept the fact that my waist will always be out-of-proportion small compared to my hips.  I know it will be a lifetime struggle to find a pair of jeans that fit properly, but who knew that dresses could be so much fun! Team them with a contrasting belt to bring out your unique style, and I am a huge fan of including a pop of colour somewhere in my daily look. 

Perhaps even-

This dress (by Cooper St, photo sourced from www.alibionline.com.au):

with this belt by Elise (sourced from www.shopstyle.com.au)

Fifth, L’ Occitane (how DO you pronounce that, anyhow?) Verbena well….anything really! I have the Eau de Toilette, the shower gel, the gorgeous leaf-shaped soap and the body lotion and the liquid hand soap (before you judge, some of these were gifts, ok! I’m NOT a crazy person!).  Right now, I’m big on the body lotion at night-time before bed, and the EDT is so refreshing, it’s pefect to spritz on after a midday workout (post shower of course!).

Verbena Cleansing Hand Wash

Sixth, emptying my entire purse of coins into the Association for the Blind labrador shaped collection jars.  This is purely a selfish joy- because mentally I’m not really picturing the blind people, but rather the cute little guide dog puppies. I mean, how could one not, look at them!

one more…too much cuteness!

Finally, along similar lines, something always guaranteed to raise my spirits at least once a day are of course, my dogs.  Their antics always squeeze a giggle out of me.  Stories in the paper about unusual animals such as, albino Orcas also make me a little happy. And if that doesnt make you happy then at the very least, if you are feeling alone, you can bet poor old Iceberg feels your pain- at least you dont live in constant fear of starvation (hopefully- I mean, I’m guessing if you’re reading this blog this is not a likely concern for you) because your food source can see you coming a mile away!

Small things? Yes.

Important things? Not really but they are to me, in that moment that they bring me a little sparkle in an otherwise *heavy* day.

What silly little things provide you with a hint of fun in your day?  Do you notice them?


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