Hello Morning!

There is something to be said about the briskness of a cold, clear winter morning…  The way the icy air catches in your throat when you first step outside…  The way it instantly jolts you awake and stings your eyes just that little bit… The way the quick under your fingernails tingles….

Ok, so, technically it’s only Autumn and this of course, is coming from a woman who lives in Australia so, this “icy” air is probably closer to a balmy spring day for those who live in much colder climates- hey, it was definitely below 10 degrees (Celsius), OK?!]

I woke up early this morning, having used a new alarm system.  I downloaded the “Sleep Cycle” App on my iPhone.  I’m sure it’s a load of rubbish but I really like the sound of the alarm (I’m currently on “Forest Glade”) and how it oh-so-gently brings me to consciousness.  It’s just less of a shock to the system if you ask me, and a much more pleasant way to wake up.  I’m sure there are other alarms that I could have downloaded for free and saved myself $0.99 but I was curious about what the App was supposed to do.

Nevertheless, my eyes still felt just as grainy as they always do, and I was still tempted to put my head back to pillow after turning off the alarm, like I always do.

But I didn’t. 

I had promised the dog an early morning walk, having spent too much time in the kitchen last night after my gym workout, and not wanting to venture out at 9pm by which time my quads were definitely protesting.  She didn’t seem to mind, we played with a tennis ball in the hallway for 15 minutes and I have some lovely scratches on my arms today to show for it.

A couple of years ago I was an enthusiastic morning person.  I LOVED getting outside before the sun was up and getting the blood pumping. In recent times, I have simply fallen out of the habit, I got lazy. I had forgotten how lovely it is to be outside so early in the mornings.  To see the sun rise and the world slowly wake up. It is dark in the mornings now until after 6:30am, but I have missed that early morning outdoor silence, the comfort and freedom that comes with knowing that you are unlikely to have to pass too many strangers who awkwardly look ahead or at their feet as they approach-rather than simply smiling and saying ‘hello’, the feeling of already being wide awake- before you switch on the coffee grinder (or step into the shower), that secret smugness you carry with you until well into the day knowing you’ve had a “great start”.

I know it seems strange to reacquaint myself with early morning during the colder, darker months of the year but that appears to be what I’m doing this year.

…And I’m loving it.

Hello Mornings!


One thought on “Hello Morning!

  1. WOW — What an inspiration you are, Serene. Welcome back to early morning. I LOVE mornings. I could live my entire life in the morning. I was just talking to CC about how I’ve been getting away from who I am lately, including skipping breakfast. Glad you’ve found your way back to you!

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