Stylin’ Saturday

I am exhausted.  It’s not because I was out last night until 1 am, and it’s not because I was up again at 6 cleaning my house.  No, it might have something to do with the massive cleansing that just occurred in my bedroom!  And I wasn’t alone.

I did something I thought I would never do – I HIRED someone to help me audit my wardrobe.

Yes, I parted ways with a couple of big ones and in return I got space, and peace of mind, and some very good advice about what works on me and what doesn’t.


When Jo, my lovely stylist arrived at my house I had already sorted my wardrobe into “Definitely Keep”, “??”, and “Toss” piles.  In my “DK” pile I’d say I had about 2/3 of my wardrobe, in my “??” pile I had about 99% of the remaining third, and in my “T” pile I had….2 items.  Yep, hours of sorting through my wardrobe on my own had effectively gotten me nowhere. Yay me.

We began with the work gear, suits, pants, skirts.  She passed a critical eye over me and decided that skirts and dresses are definitely more my thing.  Which is true, and I am lazy time poor so, anything I can hand wash and not iron or lug to and from the drycleaners is also a plus.  Then we moved onto tops to combine with said skirts (and the few pairs of pants that I own).  Boy was this an eye-opener.  Let’s just say that I had a lot to learn about what colours and styles work well on me.

I learned that I do actually look good in skinny jeans (without having to balance my hips out with boots).

I learned the ideal skirt length and cut that works best on me.

I learned totally new combinations of styles and colours that I would never have thought of.

I learned that I have a shockingly poor accessory stash (note to self when shopping: pendants, pendants, pendants!!)

My shoe collection is STILL not complete!

I now have a license to purchase blingy belts.

A very short hour later and we had been through the entire wardrobe (excluding my drawers of t-shirts and camis) and my “DK” pile is now manageable, “??” disappeared (mostly into “T”) and my “T” pile had become a mountain.


Where I previously had multiple items hanging from one hanger and no space to flick through, I now have 20 free hangers and only one item per hanger and I can SEE what’s there!

It’s comforting to know that everything that remains in my wardrobe has had the tick of approval from a person who knows- and the items I loved and hated and loved-to-hate, which just didn’t flatter my shape or complexion, have been banished.

Was it work $250 for the hour? Well, I wish I had taken a photo of the before piles and the after piles, because I would say definitely YES.

It’s much easier to be ruthless when someone who has no emotional attachment to specific items can just say “it’s dated”, “it’s too young/old for you”,”it doesn’t flatter your shape” and the fact that you have never worn it, or you know you had to eat tinned soup for a month just so you could buy it? Irrelevant.

Of course I could have chosen to keep things if I had really wanted to, but at the end of the day, I trust her professional opinion and why was I forking out $200+ if I wasn’t going to take it seriously?

I’m not going to lie, it stung a couple of times to part with some items but really, I should have been more discerning in the first place.

My money had already been wasted.

My focus now is to make sure that the money I spent today was not spent in vain.

So, on that note, I asked Jo to kindly take the “T” pile with her so that I wouldn’t be tempted to sift through it again later and retrieve things I shouldn’t.

Where to now? Well, in a couple of months the real fun starts – I will get Jo to take me SHOPPING!  In the meantime I will practice what I have learned, and just enjoy not having anxiety attacks when faced with the task of choosing an outfit to wear in the mornings.

Hello 2013!!


2 thoughts on “Stylin’ Saturday

  1. Wonderful and amazing! I’m SO proud of you and SOOO jealous!!! It sounds like one of the most greatest experiences EVER. Good for you, Serene. You inspire me. I remember reading Elaine St. James’ book, “Living the Simple Life” and tearing into my closet years ago. That was soon followed by my girlfriend who entered my walk-in closet and ruthlessly (yet lovingly) started tearing it apart. There is no freedom like clothing simplicity. I want a Jo!

    • Thanks Julie! Yes it was very cathartic.
      I recently did the same to my kitchen (on my own this time). Next stop- linen closet!!
      Great to hear from you! 🙂

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