Acknowledging the Good Stuff

I really did not want to turn 35 this year.

I know, it is childish, and really I should worry about things I can control instead of wasting energy and wrinkles on things that I can’t.

But even so, I REALLY didn’t want to turn 35 this year.

So, this week I’m making an extra special effort to focus on things that make me happy.

The list so far (in no particular order):

Tickling my dog’s chin fuzz after she has had a bath and is all fluffy and cute-smelling
Lindt chocolate balls
Having my hair brushed
Freshly painted toenails
Maggie Beer’s Chocolate and salted caramel icecream
The way my dog’s tail starts to wag as soon as look at her, even if her eyes are closed and she was snoring just seconds earlier
The euphoria of finishing a hard workout
A clean house
Walking in the rain (on a contact lens- wearing day)
My mums vegetable soup (which nonsensically, does contain meat)
Cooking with my mum
A glass of wine with friends
A view of the ocean
The way my dog’s face looks when I am lying down and she is standing over me, and all the skin on her face falls forward
Sharing a whisky with my dad
Pottering without a time schedule
Good hair days
Good SKIN days…facials
Pretty shoes that fit
Shoes generally…
Mel’s laugh

Not going to lie- I still want to crawl into bed and ignore the world for a few days, but focussing on nice things does help make the day bearable, albeit somewhat unproductive at work.