New Year, New Attitude, New Look!

I would also like to add, that in true Serene style of thinking, with a new attitude must come a new look.  Consequently, I have decided that this shall be achieved with a new haircut.  My hair is currently fairly long, about to the middle of my back and it has been this way for a few years now.  Recently I started making noises about cutting it off and I was met with horrified looks and exclamations of “No!” and “Why would you do that?!” or even “You can’t!”.

I also had a similar reaction when I told people that I had Lasik surgery done, they were all horrified because I “looked so good in glasses” (!!).  Er, yeah totally not the reason why I wore glasses but ANYHOO.

Because of this feedback, I started to think that if I cut off my long blonde locks, then this would somehow make me less attractive or something, so I chickened out the last time I was at the hairdresser.

Well, as of today, I am no longer defined by my hair! And being hair, it does tend to grow back… after all, do I not spend hours of my time every month trying to eliminate or reduce the regrowth of hair on various parts of my body? And now…it’s somehow a catastrophe that I might cut the hair on my head a bit shorter?


Anyway, here are just some ideas I’m toying with.  Obviously the shorter styles are a little more ambitious and something I will work up to, but so far I think the angled bob that Scarlet Johansson is sporting -which is a bit of a longer version of the Victoria Beckham do- is my favourite, and I think, totally doable.  Although, I’m currently sporting some angled bangs, so perhaps the Dianna Agron would be a better choice for now…

No need for me to decide tonight, my haircut is not until the 18th 🙂

Women-Short-Bob-Hair-Styles short-hairstyles-for-women-after-chemo short-haircuts-11 Pictures-of-short-bob-blonde-hair hair-styles Blonde-Hair-Color-for-Short-Hairstyles-2013 5-short-brown-hairstyles Dianna-Agron-Messy-Bob-Hairstyle scarlett-johansson-02-new-bob-haircut-mango


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