Welcome to my first ever blog!  I apologise in advance for long-windedness- conciseness is not one of my special talents.

The original blog began after I read a book on marathon training that suggested one keep a diary a) to try and keep track of what you are actually doing and b) for nostalgia.  So, having completed a half marathon last year, I thought I might try my hand at the diary.  I chose the blog format so that the people I train with could also have a read and relate.

Inevitably, when one writes about one aspect of their life, “stuff” from other areas creeps in, and in accordance with my rather emotional nature, the blog slowly (or perhaps rather quickly) morphed into something more of a download of my emotional journey through life.

However, my training is very closely linked to my emotional state (or, vice versa?).  So, expect some funny bits, some venting, some happy bits and some sad bits!

Hopefully, the balance will fall in favour of good bits 🙂 and I will make a concerted effort not to dwell overmuch on the things that upset me (but like anything in life, this is not certain).


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